Friday, December 8th 2006

World Chess Champion loses to computer

Reigning world chess champion Vladimir Kramnik was beaten today by computer Deep Fritz in a 6 game chess match. Kramnik lost 4-2 against the machine which he had previously beaten in 2002. Apparently programmers might now move onto creating computers to play poker at a high level – after all, there can’t be that much more for the chess computers to conquer.Source: Engadget
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Chess... I LOVE THIS GAME, always have.

My neighbor of 10 years (tenant actually) & I have played @ LEAST 500 games in the past 3 yrs. now, & are "neck & neck" literally, dead-even. Well, I am "up" on him the other day, 2 games, but he can get those back easily & usually does.

We are starting to 'burn out' to it, but it's an awesome game... I recommend it to ANYONE who likes to game, because it's NEVER THE SAME GAME TWICE!


* I would love to see the "short-circuit evaluation" If-Then-Else nest for the Chess AI for the program used, lol... it must be MILES deep, I would guess!

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but the computer is really hard only beat on hard like 3 times afterlosing like 10 times.....
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I watched some of the games from the last time these two met. The computer only lost 2 or 3 of the games because it ran out of time because it wasn't fast enough computing its next move.
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Well a well built design should be able to win. It can consider all possible otcomes, so the limit is simply the time it is given and the power it has, whereas human players are limited to their pattern recognition - the best players still have not seen every pattern.
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I like chess, it's really fun, but it can get frustrating. It has really helped my strategies in tennis though.
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