Sunday, December 10th 2006

TI will not upgrade to Vista until 2009

According to a press release from TI, their IT department has strongly advised against moving the company to Windows Vista.
TI will use Windows XP SP2 until at least 2009, as they "are confident Windows XP will continue to be a stable, cost-effective and secure operating system standard for TI during the next two years.
Maintaining Windows XP on their corporate network should save TI a lot of money in licensing and support costs.Source: The Inquirer
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Wile E
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newtekie1 said:
I use Fedora Core, I like it.

Also expect a nice ban/infraction for discussing the topic at hand. The mods don't take kindly to that sort of thing around here. They would much rather prefer you just not post then discuss the topic, no one posting about the topics makes the forum so much nicer.
I didn't realize i did anything wrong. I apologize if I did. Nothing I said was intended to start a flame war or anything of that nature.
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