Monday, December 11th 2006

Sandisk and Sony Develop New Memory Stick PRO-HG Format

SanDisk and Sony today announced the development of a new Memory Stick PRO-HG format, compatible with the existing Memory Stick PRO format. The Memory Stick Duo sized card extends the maximum storage capacity by up to 32GB, and boost performance by increasing the internal core clock from 40MHz to 60MHz. As a result, the maximum data rate has jumped to 60MB/sec - three times that of the Memory Stick PRO format. Minimum write speed for Memory Stick PRO-HG media is listed at 15MB/sec. The first Memory Stick PRO-HG media will be available in January 2007, but there is no information when the format's maximum 32GB storage capacity will be reached.Source: DailyTech
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4 Comments on Sandisk and Sony Develop New Memory Stick PRO-HG Format

NICE! must be hella pricy :(
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evil bill
so, this will work with a PSP :eek: could be too pricey to make it worthwhile though, be nice to have a good bit of my DVD collection in MP4 format on one stick.
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Another proprietary flash memory which is slightly better than the standard but is much more expensive, very product exclusive, and will be obsolete by the time affordable products can use it!

Sony totally rocks!

Why follow anyone's standards when you can make your own version and force consumers to buy more crap for you!

EDIT: I'm not saying it's a bad product, I just disagree with the business practice that Sony (there are many others) has been using for quite some time
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