Monday, December 11th 2006

The latest use of the USB port: an ashtray

The Japanese manufacturer Greenhouse has invented a novelty that will make office smokers everywhere happy- the USB ashtray. The USB ashtray plugs into a USB port, and uses the power supplied by the USB port to provide a very effective ashtray. However, when this ashtray is opened, a fan activates that effectively cleans the air surrounding it, eliminating all traces that a smoker was smoking. You can shut a cigarette on the device, cleverly hiding it in what looks like a monopoly car. Each ashtray costs Each ashtray costs around ¥500 ($4.30/£2.20/€3.25).

Source: The Register
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8 Comments on The latest use of the USB port: an ashtray

I have to assume this is Japanese - I was there in 1999 and the smoking section pretty much took up all places - everywhere.

But now the emerging cancer market is China... so it could be a Chinese design.

Oh, and they are "cute".
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Ive got the yellow one lol, ive had it a while though, so dont think its to new out! The fan is bloody noisy so I dont use it plugged in, but still use it none the less, until I quit the evil of nicotine! ;)
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haha pretty cool i dont smoke tho man 500 yen or watever make it sound so expensive when its so cheap
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kinda pointless to me, i have a much better ashtray
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I bought it expecting alot and as I like novelty stuff it was a sper of the moment type thing! lol
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yer, they've been out 4 ages.
pc case gear has had them on sale for probably over a year now.
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now this is just uneeded but i guess if someone is going to buy it thats their choice
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