Tuesday, December 12th 2006

800,000 students and staff affected by hacker

Approximately 800,000 former and current students, along with some members of staff, at the University of California Los Angeles have been alerted that their details may have been exposed to a hacker who managed to breach the University’s network. The hacking had been occurring for over a year, from October 2005 until the 21st of November this year. Data that might have been acquired includes Social Security numbers, addresses and birth dates. So far there is no evidence of this data being misused.Source: CNN
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So let me get this straight, it's been happening for over a YEAR?!?! Way to go admins!
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lol some one was sleeping on the job
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My stars went supernova
The old saying comes to mind "Those who can do, those that can not teach." I wonder if the teachers were running the network.......
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