Wednesday, November 4th 2015

ID-Cooling Intros FrostFlow 240G All-in-One Liquid VGA Cooler

ID-Cooling announced the FrostFlow 240G all-in-one liquid cooling solution for graphics cards. A variant of the company's FrostFlow 240L CPU-only and FrostFlow 240 Hunter Duet cooling solutions, the new FrostFlow 240G features just the VGA cooling component of the Hunter Duet. Designed to be "universal," the main block has mount-hole spacing for a variety of performance thru high-end GPUs from AMD and NVIDIA. A partial cooler shroud with a 92 mm fan are suspended along this block, which provide air-cooling to the VRM and memory. The main block is plumbed to a 27 mm thick, 240 mm x 120 mm radiator, with two 84 CFM 120 mm spinners in charge of ventilating the radiator. The cooler can handle thermal loads of up to 300W, and hence supports several popular AMD and NVIDIA GPUs, including, the R9 390 series and GTX 980 Ti. ID-Cooling didn't announce pricing.
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4 Comments on ID-Cooling Intros FrostFlow 240G All-in-One Liquid VGA Cooler

good for single gpu but not good for dual as problem with placement of radiatiors.
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I wonder how it would perform if you stack both radiators in a sandwich with fans between them and on top but not on the rear where air would exhaust. I know second GPU would still be warmer, but still, it would be a very compact and quiet water cooling stack.

Maybe even using those slim versions of fans and making a push->pull+push->pull configuration without increasing the thickness all that much.
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Make one for LP cards as well. Those Optiplex-es with GTX 750 Ti LP are burning hot during gaming :P
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I think that's a bit overkill for a GPU honestly. I would rather have a single 120mm radiator for the possibility of SLI support or a CPU cooler. But its still a good looking product.
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