Tuesday, December 12th 2006

Microsoft ships Xbox360 coding kit for amateurs

Back in August, we reported that Microsoft would let amateur game programmers have a go at making games for the Xbox360. Based on Visual C# 2005 Express Edition and Microsoft .NET framework, XNA Game Studio Express allows anyone running a computer with Windows XP to make Xbox360 games. Of course, for the games to actually run, the author has to be a member of the XNA Creators Club, which costs $99 a year through Xbox Live. Members of the XNA Creators Club get the ability to publish games on Xbox Live, forum support, and various assets. You can download Game Studio Express and the framework required from MSDN. Source: The Register
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8 Comments on Microsoft ships Xbox360 coding kit for amateurs

could this be a possible way of making a linux live cd for the 360?
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There goes the PS3's chance to ever come close to matching XBox Live's service.
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Smart move by MS - bring up a flank of XBox and C# programmers at the same time... very smart.
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Bird of Prey
I wonder how many folks...

Are actually into this. I dont see that many who have the patience to do it, unless they just really wanna get a leg in the door. Also, if they make a kick ass game, who gets the money for it? Its a cool offer but I mean, lets face it, it has to be damn hard to code for the 360 and even so for the PS3
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My stars went supernova
This makes a person wonder how hard it would be to make your own game.
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Actually, the Xbox360 shouldn't be too hard to code for, depending on how well MS wrote this little kit. However, I quote The Inquirer when I say "coding the PS3 will be a bitch" :p. Something about the RAM being faster then the L2 cache and needing to be accessed first...I think that violates a fundamental law of computing lol.
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Azn Tr14dZ
Yeah, many developers interviewed are saying that it is much harder to develop games for the PS3 than the Xbox 360.

And the PS3 is never going to get close to Xbox 360's Xbox Live. I also heard that in the PS3, you can only talk to "Friends" playing the same game as you, which really sucks. The amount of features that you can use and do on Xbox Live is nothing short of amazing, and I'm sure nothing like it will come for a long time.
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Note that using XNA to making games for Windows XP doesn't require XNA Creators Club subscription.
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