Tuesday, December 12th 2006

MP3 to FM transmitters unbanned in the United Kingdom

MP3 to FM transmitters broadcast an MP3 player's signal over a radio frequency, allowing people without expensive car stereos to listen to their devices on long road trips. These transmitters have been unbanned in the United Kingdom, after a year long battle for the right to use them. The only condition of the unbanning: the transmitter must carry the CE mark. Griffin Technology's iTrip was given the CE mark this Spring.Source: The Register
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4 Comments on MP3 to FM transmitters unbanned in the United Kingdom

why were they banned in the first place? dont tell me they were suspect of causing cancer or somthing..
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Radio is use is controlled to prevent an overlap with emergency services useage, and commercial use.
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no its to do with some 50year old transmitting law that you had to have a license to transmit across a frequency
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you have to pay quite a bit for the licence too
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