Thursday, December 14th 2006

2x 2GB memory kits on the horizon

Both Corsair and OCZ have new 4GB dual-channel kits, consisting of 2x 2GB sticks, in the works. Early products are expected to run at DDR2-667, but we will see DDR2-800 chips eventually.

The memory will be intended for those that plan to multi-task a lot. The 64-bit version of Windows Vista will be capable of addressing all this memory. Sounds like an ideal match for Intel's Quad-core CPUs.Source: The Inq
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5 Comments on 2x 2GB memory kits on the horizon

Señor Moderator
It'll be fun, all those idiots buying 4GB of RAM and using 32bit XP and saying "omfg it no worky! it only show 3.7GB!!!~~~NOTSOLOLOLOLOL!!!"

They should really put a big sticker on it saying "XP32 does NOT work with 4GB of RAM." Preferably with a sexy nuclear picture.
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still, 3.7 or 3.5 gb is still more than the usual 2 gb configuration .. even though a single process can only use up to 2 gb of it
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Bird of Prey
Yeah, that kind of sucks. Windows XP was supposed to support 4 GB, thats why most mainboards these days had it set as the maximum 4 GB. Leave it to Microshite to screw that up so they can make more money. Of course, If they get the 64 Bit drivers out, Ill install Win XP 64 on my comp.

-The Eagle
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i thought it was 3.2gb, but windows rounds it to 3.5gb....
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