Thursday, December 14th 2006

Dell offers overclockable Core 2 Duo laptop

The Intel Core 2 Duo T7600G is one of those "Non-roadmap" parts, meaning it was not planned to be released to the public. Dell has decided to change that, and for an extra $275 USD, you can get a Dell XPS M1710 with that processor. The thing that makes the T7600G so valuable: an unlocked CPU multiplier in a mobile processor. What Dell calls "extraordinary system control to tune and enhance performance" is really the ability to change the CPU multiplier in a computer offered by an OEM system provider. However, $275 is an awfully high price to ask for a CPU with an unlocked multiplier.Source: The Register
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5 Comments on Dell offers overclockable Core 2 Duo laptop

dell and overclock!?! it sounds weird to say those two words together
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now are they going to open up the bios to everyone or are they going to make there own little Dell utility to overclock that cpu?
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i wonder what kind of warranty would come with that
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not a suicide-bomber
dell+overclock = :confused:
i doubt it will be in the bios, it will be something like a.i. gear ;)
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zekrahminator said:
However, $275 is an awfully high price to ask for a CPU with an unlocked multiplier.
is this editorial?

because, let's look at the desktop conroe line...
509.99$ for the e6700 @ 2.66 ghz
959.99$ for the x6800 @ 2.93 ghz

and we all know c2d can oc like whoa

so the big difference is the unlocked multiplier. that's 450$ for that multiplier and 270mhz (easily made up tho, and maybe even more could be made up with an unlocked multi)

suddenly 275$ for just the multiplier isn't bad
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