Friday, December 15th 2006

PC Patner starts making NVIDIA cards

PC Partner starts making NVIDIA cards

PC Partner is a very large manufacturer of ATI(AMD) cards, and has a huge name in Asia for themselves, as well as their own factories. While PC Partner is known for being a long time maker of only ATI cards, they have decided to begin making NVIDIA cards. PC Partner now offers NVIDIA cards that range from a low profile 7100 to the latest G80s. You can get the latest PC Partner cards with NVIDIA chips here. NVIDIA has not yet convinced Sapphire, the sister site of PC Partner, to make NVIDIA cards.Source: The Inquirer
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Bird of Prey
Wow, this is awesome! A Possible blow to ATI. I mean, how can they coexist?

-The Eagle
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Wow, there are alot of people making nvidia cards now. Is the end of ATI cards near?
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possibly Amd has raised its prices for its chips or nvidia has lowered theirs. since the x2 series amd cpu's have been selling stuff at higher prices on a new product basis
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if nvidia convince sapphire would there be sapphire 8800's O_o
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