Saturday, December 16th 2006

Opera Mini Web browser comes pre-installed on Nokia 6300

Opera Software announces its Opera Mini Web browser is shipping in most markets with selected Nokia 6300s. With the Nokia 6300 weighing in at a mere 91 grams, Opera Mini complements the phone's sleek, compact architecture by enabling fast Web browsing on all sites with little requirements needed of the device.

Opera Mini is a Java-based Web browser that enables full Internet access on the majority of mobile phones in the market. By using a server to pre-process and compress Web sites before sending them to the handset, Opera Mini offers a remarkably fast browsing experience as it reduces the size of data transferred.

Opera Mini launched in January 2006 and has since gained more than eight million users. It is available as a free download at and through partnerships with handset manufacturers, operators and content providers. Frequently visited sites with Opera Mini include those that are popular for search, social networking and Webmail.

"We're thrilled that Nokia has embraced our Mini Web browser and that it will provide a lot of convenience to Nokia 6300 consumers with fun and easy Web browsing," says Timo Bruns, EVP Business Development, Opera Software. "We're committed to Opera Mini as a powerful browser that simply works for everyone."Source: Opera
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does anyone know how many viruses are there that actively target the symbian os?
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