Monday, December 18th 2006

Crucial Technology Announces CrossFire Certified Memory

Crucial Technology today announced the immediate availability of CrossFire Certified Ballistix and Ballistix Tracer DDR2 modules. ATI CrossFire certified memory ensures compatibility within the ATI CrossFire platform and meets ATI's certification program for reliability, stability and highest standard of quality. The Crucial Ballistix line is designed for the highest performance features including advanced speed grades, low latencies, and integrated aluminum heat spreaders. CrossFire Certified Ballistix and Ballistix Tracer DDR2 memory are available in 512MB and 1GB modules, as well as 1GB and 2GB dual channel kits, at
Source: Crucial Technology
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where the hell are my stars
more xfire certified crap :shadedshu
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Wooo, my ram just became crossfire certified! :D

Whoever wants to give me double what it used to be worth can have mine :p
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Random Murderer
The Anti-Midas
the certification stuff is stupid... youre paying more for nothing extra...
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It's just for n00bs who don't know what they're buying, so that they don't email ati/amd complaining of bad performance after they've just gone out and bought some generic 512mb 533mhz dimms. IMO it shouldn't add to the value of the product.
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It's marketeering at it's best... Turn up the hype to get that Christmas cash A.S.A.P. form the clueless PC enthusiasts. Just think before the Internet, this foolishness only worked in America. Now you can B.S. the entire world via the Net and really haul in the loot from suckers. I still laugh at the Nvidia certified PSU list. Some of those PSUs might make poor door stops but I wouldn't be caught dead with some of those PSUs any where near a PC.
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Mines better then yours infrared:p
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I'm getting some more stuff to review in January, will be interesting to see what i get :D

Mine runs at 1ghz + with 4-4-4-10 no probs, what's the tightest timings you can run on that at 1ghz?
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well the highest i "tryed" was at 1200mhz

i dont know if there where or

oh at 1ghz i think havent really tryed that much
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thats dumb...

ocz at least had a nice color to there cert. sticks.
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My stars went supernova
You know that its just not for Video card compatible its also for motherboards with the ATi/AMD branding compatibility. We all should know that not all memory works with all motherboards by now.
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Bird of Prey
While I agree its just an excuse to charge more for the stuff, "Lookie here, Im charging you 50 bucks more to tell you what you will find out, that this memory works with any Chipset!". I also think its cool because it takes the guesswork out of it and lets you know you can indeed run these in and out of spec without worries.

-The Eagle
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