Wednesday, May 4th 2016

8Pack Unleashes the Lian Li PCD888WX Chassis on OCUK

Overclockers UK stocks the first ever case developed by Ian '8Pack' Parry, in conjunction with Lian Li he unleashes the PCD888WX ATX Cube PC Chassis to the market. The D888WX has an astounding mix of looks, hardware support and watercooling potential and is fully 8Pack approved for only the best hardware the market has to offer.

The PCD888WX has phenomenal liquidcooling support, with no less than 6 separate radiator mount options including up to 360mm radiators on the bottom and rear of the case, two 360mm radiators on the top of the case, a further 120mm radiator on the rear of the case and a 480mm radiator on the front of the case, all of which can support push/pull configurations if required, which gives the user a vast amount of cooling potential to create some amazing watercooled setups, especially with integrated mount space for a pair of pumps.
With ultimate radiator and component support for any hardware enthusiast looking for the uncompromising best in class computer case for their watercooling needs. As is standard with all LianLi cases, the D888WX is made completely from aluminium, with various rubber grommets for intricate cable management opportunities throughout the chassis. Hardware support is comprehensive, with space for EATX motherboards of all sizes, 420mm VGA cards, 420mm ATX PSU's, 165mm CPU coolers, along with a pair of HDD racks that can support 6 x 3.5" HDD's or 4 x 2.5" HDD's, including hotswap backplanes on both racks. Connectivity is also well covered, with 4 x Super Speed USB3.0 ports and HD Audio/Microphone connectors on the front I/O panel.

The attractive side window has the 8Pack logo etched in the corner, and there is the option to replace the front drive bay cover with an 8Pack designed version if you prefer. Installation is a breeze with popoff side panels & front bezels, along with toolless mounting for the hard drives. The D888WX has been meticulously redesigned from the D666WRX chassis by 8Pack to offer everything needed to build the best PC around, conforming to and even surpassing 8Pack's elite tier standards for an enthusiast PC case, which is why it is used to house the most premium system in the 8Pack range The Supernova, with heavily overclocked Quad SLI NVIDIA Geforce Titan X graphics cards and an Intel i7 Extreme 5960X CPU fully watercooled to the highest possible standard.

  • ­MSRP £499.99
  • ­Model: PC­D888WX
  • ­Case Type: Full Tower Chassis
  • ­Dimensions: (W) 380mm, (H) 597mm, (D) 511mm
  • ­Colour: Black with Window
  • ­Front bezel Material: Aluminium
  • ­Side Panel: Aluminium
  • ­Body Material: Aluminium
  • ­Net Weight: 12.3kg
  • ­5.25" drive bay (External): 5
  • ­3.5" drive bay (External): None
  • ­HDD bay: 3.5" HDD x 6 or 2.5" HDD x 4
  • ­Expansion Slots: 8
  • ­Motherboard: E­ATX, ATX, Micro­ATX
  • ­System Fan (Front): 120mm Fan x 4 (Optional)
  • ­System Fan (Rear): 120mm Fan x 4 (Optional)
  • ­System Fan (Top): 120mm Fan x 6 (Optional)
  • ­System Fan (Bottom): 120mm Fan x 3 (Optional)
  • ­Watercooling Radiator Support: Bottom: Up to 360mm, Front: Up to 480mm, Top: Up to 2 x 360mm,
  • Rear: Up to 360mm + separate 120mm, Dedicated Pump Mount for 2 Pumps
  • ­I/O Ports: USB3.0 x 4, HD Audio
  • ­Maximum Compatibility: VGA Card length: 420mm, PSU length: 420mm, CPU cooler height:165mm
  • ­PSU: ATX(Not Included)
  • ­Gross Weight: 14.6Kg
For more information, and to purchase, visit this page.
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15 Comments on 8Pack Unleashes the Lian Li PCD888WX Chassis on OCUK

Slaps on a sticker and triples the price? No thanks.
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At that price I bet they'll sell loads of them...
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what? not a test bench?
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The Quim Reaper
8pack will be buying plenty of protein supplements with his royalty payments on this..:)
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Even though I'm a long time lian li user, the asking price for this case is ridiculous. They might as well point a gun at the buyer and just say "give me all of your money".
Posted on Reply
I'd totally buy one, if i was swimming in money.
Posted on Reply
Lol.... that's ridiculous... that's 725 USD right? For an aluminum box. Unreal....
Posted on Reply
Way better options from CaseLabs at this price point.
Posted on Reply
Not the worst priced case I've seen, however its still a bit much for what this case offers in its size and features.
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The Watchful Moderator
Nice case. Outrageous price:(
Posted on Reply
Can I get it without the "8 pack" naming on it? And $500 cheaper? WTH?
Posted on Reply
This is priced more than a low trim MAGNUM THW10 which would still beat any feature Lian Li's case has based purely on Caselab's modular design fundamentals.

What the hell are they smoking and where can I get some?
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I could buy a double wide trailer or a double wide PC case with that money...hmmmm lol

I would literally just bolt two cases together and make my own.
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Jill Christine Valentine
I'd rather get something like 900D and several 24Pack's of beer at that price than just an overpriced 8Pack.
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Poor guy is getting beat up in here, while he laughs his way to a bank......................He's no different then any other computer company out there, money first!!!!
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