Tuesday, May 31st 2016

AeroCool Also Intros the P7-C1 Line of Cases

The third component of AeroCool's brand unifying Project 7 series, is the case, with the company designing the P7-C1. This case is characterized by its hexagonal shaped front, with pointed top and bottom panels, and the chassis being suspended on two supporting feet, a la CM Cosmos. It's larger than most mid-towers, and closer to the league of full-towers. Primed for liquid cooling the cases feature bottom-mounted drive bays, freeing up the entire top compartment for the motherboard and your arsenal of liquid cooling components. AeroCool is preparing several variants of this case, based on primary color, LED color, and whether the case features a tempered-glass side-panel, or a more conventional SECC panel with acrylic window.
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3 Comments on AeroCool Also Intros the P7-C1 Line of Cases

Nice camera focus Mr Magoo!!
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Now if they make a micro-atx or itx size it would be perfect. :D
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That tempered glass looks like a bad after thought just screwed on the outside at the last minute.
I could get a sheet cut and do the same to my existing case.
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Jul 2nd, 2022 01:45 EDT change timezone

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