Wednesday, June 1st 2016

Cooler Master Unveils Four New MasterWatt PSU Lines

Cooler Master released four new power supply product lines, the MaterWatt Lite, MasterWatt, MasterWatt Pro, and MasterWatt Maker. All four lines feature high pressure, low noise fans by Cooler Master, some of these models feature load-based fan-activation. The lineup begins with the MasterWatt Lite, which covers all the bare essentials of the series, and features fixed cabling. The MasterWatt (proper) series comes in various mid-range capacities, and features slightly higher efficiency, and partially modular cabling.

Moving up the ladder you have the MasterWatt Pro series, which comes in various mid-thru-high Wattage models, higher efficiency than MasterWatt, and fully modular cabling, with flat cables. Leading the pack is the MasterWatt Maker series. This lineup comes in various 4-figure Wattage models, features fully modular cabling, and features software interface, with which you can monitor its various power domains, and even have limited control over its cooling.
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Interesting approach, as long as CM is unifying the psu lineup that would be a good thing from choosing point of view.
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