Tuesday, December 26th 2006

NVIDIA G80 driver for Microsoft Windows Vista not for public until 2007

While many G80 owners were expecting at least a beta driver for Microsoft Windows Vista, NVIDIA will not be releasing anything like it until at least January. The lack of even a beta driver for Microsoft Windows Vista is getting a lot of criticism. When anyone with a G80 tries to install Microsoft Windows Vista, they will be forced to install a "standard VGA". This means that there are no shiny Aero Glass effects, and even 2D graphics might be challenging. NVIDIA is expected to have something ready for CES 2007.Source: The Inquirer
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4 Comments on NVIDIA G80 driver for Microsoft Windows Vista not for public until 2007

Well the thing is... January 2007 is in about six days. Shhh don't tell anyone. Not that I'm rooting for Nvidia though.:shadedshu

-wtf8269 (were at a lan and got on tomcats pc)
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Bird of Prey
Yeah, but its kind of gay to make folks wait that long (even though its only 6 days.) Nvidia shouldnt be a bitch like that to loyal customers who plopped down their hard earned dollars (or parents hard earned dollars)
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I should have waited and bought my dam card in 07 but I just couldn't wait...:banghead: well atleast the price of a 2nd card will drop down.
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Vista is already out for for everyone but retailers. But if ur smart u know how to get a copy of Vista. Maybe nVidia is working with Microsoft to stop illegel copies, because when the retail version is released there will already be drivers.
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