Friday, September 9th 2016

IBASE Technology Announces the ASB200-909 IoT SBC

IBASE Technology Inc., a global leader in embedded computing and IoT solutions, today announces the release of ASB200-909, a new compact fanless system based on the IBASE IB909 3.5-inch SBC powered by a 5th Generation Intel Core i75650U or ir-5350U processor with 4GB DDR3L memory on board.

Designed for automotive and factory automation applications, the ASB200-909 comes with low power consumption and supports an optional 60W power adaptor, VESA mount bracket, as well as a 12V~24V DC wide-range power input terminal block on the rear of the system. Other external I/Os include four serial ports, two USB 3.0, two USB 2.0, one DVI-I, two RJ45 Gigabit Ethernet connectors, a CFAST socket, HDD LED and power button. Having no fan for heat dissipation, the aluminum enclosure serves as a heat sink to protect the system from overheating and withstand demanding manufacturing environments.
The slim ASB200-909 comes with a standard 320GB SATA HDD and has operating temperature of 0°C~45°C; but this range is extended to -10°C~60°C when SSD (solid state drive) is used. The system is equipped with IBASE's iSMART technology for energy saving features such as power on/off scheduling and power resume, while expansion is provided through a full-size Mini PCI-E slot.

  • Fanless system supports IBASE IB909 3.5-inch Disk-Size SBC
  • Onboard 5th Generation Intel Core i7 U-series processor
  • iSMART- for power on/off auto-scheduler and power resume
  • Supports 1x Mini PCI-E (full-size)
  • Supports 1x 2.5" SATA HDD
  • Wall mount kit included
  • 12V~24V DC wide-range power input
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3 Comments on IBASE Technology Announces the ASB200-909 IoT SBC

That is so much better than a Gigabyte IoT gateway: that one did not even have a serial port, or the second NIC. Basically it was BRIX with "IoT" slapped on it (and it was plastic).

Hopefully the price is right too.
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Perfect for an in vehicle computer, as long as onboard graphics is all you need. Truckies could have one in their sleeper cab.
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Fabio Bologna
Careful to the "...Intel Core i75650U..." and " processor..."!
It should be respectively "...Intel Core i7-5650U..." (dash in the middle) and "...i5-5350U processor..." (ir -> i5)

Otherwise pretty interesting product :)
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May 19th, 2022 08:01 EDT change timezone

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