Tuesday, January 2nd 2007

RIAA suing Russian “pirate outfit” for $1.6 trillion

The Recording Industry Association of America has announced that it is set to sue Russian music firm Mediaservices for $1.6 trillion. Mediaservices also owns AllofMP3.com and allTunes.com and is accused of selling music illegally. Apparently the RIAA want $150,000 for each of the 11 million pirated songs. A spokesperson for AllofMP3.com claimed that the suit is unjustified because the company doesn’t operate in New York and obeys Russian Copyright laws – it even pays some of its profit to the Russian equivalent of the RIAA, the Russian Organisation for Multimedia, which the RIAA argues has no right to exist. It has been no secret that the RIAA has been unhappy with Mediaservices, but this is the first real action they’ve taken.Source: The Inquirer
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ex_reven said:
what about shareholders, shareholders are one of the major reasons for the proliferation of a company and its will to expand. And just about every single first world living person is a shareholder in any one company. You cant just say the company is evil for what it does, like enron, they have other peoples pockets to make happy other than their own.

As for population, its an expression based upon a historical event in white society where other races were welcomed in order to create a global community of trade to stop the diminishing empires of the west and the growth of the communist threat. And what better to reestablish a foreign country in need of aid than one company with billions of dollars (albeit unstable ones) at its disposal, rather than a few that lack the funding or infrastructure to work together to actually make progress rather than a propaganda gain.
You remind me of someone I used to know. It is a good thing.

Shareholders receive in many instances a "pep talk" of how the company is going to do. And how they plan on making money. All the while the long namers give themselves raises or use the excuse that a private jet is a company expense. My wife runs a company, and it is amazing what you can write off if you have big enough balls and a good lawyer. Hell, the company I work for and the people that I see everyday.

What good is a dollar if it means nothing? At the current world rate Asia will overtake the US as the largest economy in OUR lifetime. Feed your fire with that. A populace filled with "illegal copies, warez, hacks, cracks" and some of the most intelligent people in the world for raw logic. Every civilization has it's time in the world. Our will be ending shortly due to the fact that most are fat, lazy, unoriginal bastards that "appreciate the smell of perfume, to that of sweat". Our society is plagued by the notion that enough schools, with enough dollars, and enough gifts, and enough young people, will amount to something. But it seems that it again is the underdog that is coming from behind to nip at the heels of the so called fast runner.

So while the people complain about not being able to buy their son that Porsche as a graduation gift, their life will mean no more than a finger in a glass of water when it is withdrawn. And their whiny bitching about supposedly losing money to all the bad people who can't afford a sniff of what they have will amount to mere wind. It has been so for every generation, to fight for what they want, then try to keep their ground against the current generation.
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Ive enjoyed this discussion and you make some very good, valid points.
I was merely trying to point out the fact that the reason for corruption is not in the nature of a corporation or body of franchises, but instead within ALL people.

We are all corrupted in some way, whether it be through action, physique, thought or word.
What good is a dollar if it means nothing?
What good is life at all? What is its purpose, if not to be greedy? What does life have to do with anything, and does it all become meaningless anyway in death. I hate the thought.
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pt - looks like me too. Weird thing is, that I feel like to kill some commies, instead of becoming one. So it is just a propaganda that is trying to safe their fat a$$ses :rolleyes:

ATIonion - I find that on 4chan.org ... I posting the link to the site w/o being clickable for purpose, because that is image board where most pictures are not only not worksafe, but well... well judge for yourlsef. I have fun sometimes, so... ;)

ex_reven -
What good is a dollar if it means nothing?
What good is life at all? What is its purpose, if not to be greedy? What does life have to do with anything, and does it all become meaningless anyway in death. I hate the thought.
Get used to it. First at all, dollar means nothing. Since 1971 you can't even exchange it for gold (!) so it become just worthless green papers. (I was pretty amazed that, since I come to that conclusion myself, Fidel Castro make such statement first - damn suxxka, he has a advantage, lol)
Now there is only one purpose in life - to get along with others and contribute as much to mankind envolve, as possible. Being greedy did not make you contributing to anything except spreading hate and regressing mankind back to barbarous age.
And the fact that we all going to die did not make our actions irrelevant. It is more like how we are remembered, what we accomplish. History will not remember just greedy suxxkas. History will remember these that helped to make it, by lunching Sputnik, by discovering America and proving that world is not flat, these who sail over the world, these who first put a man on space, those who get man on the Moo.
What do you think will history remember Bill Gates? As 640 is enought for everyone? Or as greedy suxxka that get rich on stoping the computer operations system envolving for 20 years at least? (and we did not get rid of winblows completely yet, some ppls still use it)

Do something worth remembering or perish in the time.
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