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Intel's Coffee Lake CPUs Likely Compatible With LGA 1151 Motherboards

Another interesting tidbit to have dropped from recent SiSotware leaks on Intel's upcoming Coffee Lake CPUs is that these could be backwards compatible with LGA 1151 motherboards that rock the 200 series chipset (and perhaps even the 100 series.) This last tidbit seems to be a bit of a stretch, even if it does end up being somewhat of a motherboard manufacturer's choice whether or not to issue updated, supporting BIOSes for the most recent Intel processors on their older boards. But why lose so many sales of motherboards equipped with Intel's upcoming, complimentary 300 series chipsets?

This piece of information comes courtesy of SiSoftware Sandra, again, where the 6-core Coffee Lake Intel chip, running @ 3.5 GHz, was tested in a Kaby Lake S platform - which features a 200 series chipset, no less. This means that there is a chance users will have a straight, drop-in upgrade path for Coffee Lake 6-core chips (seems Intel is no longer keeping all of those cores to themselves.) Doesn't that make the world seem a better place?
Source: WCCFTech
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As usual, speculations will rake in the page hits, but I'll believe it when I see it. Since I paid an arm and a leg for my Z170 motherboard, I'll keep it for a few more years regardless.
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unless this is a low-end 6core part, or it overclocks like a mad-man, there will be no reason to ever buy it really
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Hoping the Xeon Coffelake will work with my C236M motherboard. If not, I will be going for Ryzen.
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Vanguard Beta Tester
Definitely not very Intel. I remain very skeptical.
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Makes sense. You don't need a new socket when all you want is a 200MHz bump and a new name.
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6C, 6T no thanks, but great if they are backwards compatible.
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where the hell are my stars
Caring16C, 6T no thanks, but great if they are backwards compatible.
In theory the 6C/6T part is an i5.
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dont whant to set it"'
Intriguing upgrade-wise, sounds good holding back for now as I considered switching camp to a 4c8t ryzen unlocked ,but 250$(over here) for CPU alone and then there's the mb 170'ish for an entry level x370 chipset; I,it should be good with an i3k or i5 later down the road.
Le: Does Intel own
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FYFI13Makes sense. You don't need a new socket when all you want is a 200MHz bump and a new name.
Not anymore anyways...
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So we finnaly see 6 core for the small socket and its about dam time intel. But if i shall upgrade to coffee lake i want some more juicy info like will these chips overclock, will we see models with hyper treading and what Base/turbo clocks will we see on these chips + will these chips also have a nasty useless build in GPU (at least for my use).

I assume these chips will be dual channel ram support only as they are for Intels small socket.

And then there are also another fun fact. With skylake E/X299 chipsæt intel will bring back Quad core for the big socket with Kaby Lake X after a few years with 6 cores as the smallest core count. Not since i7 3820/2012 have there been a quad core cpu for the big socket.

So to resume it up: small socket is gonna get 6 core for the first time ever and now Intel also reintroduce Quad-core again for the big socket since 2012. Am i the only one thinking something weird going on at intel :kookoo:

Well no matter what Intel really have to release something juicy as hell if i shall let go of my I7 980X. I mean this CPU has all i want from a cpu. 6 core/12 threads, 12 MB L3 cashe, great overclokker and no nasty build in GPU :D
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Sorry to break it to you people, but Intel's X299 is "200 series" too :/
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This actually sounds interesting to me... since i been wishing AMD would release 6 Cores 6 Threads Ryzen CPU´s and seeing how intel got a good lead in IPC this might just be an interesting product if i can indeed use it on my current 1151 Socket Mobo for Gaming.

In theory a 6 cores 12 Threads might just be a better upgrade in the long run, but games are barely using more than 4 cores. Most of the work in games supporting "more cores" are mainly doing it on 4 cores 80% of the time, and the remaining 2 cores are that less obvious 20%. I sort of see 6 cores being the trend for the next 2-3 years. In other words, IPC will always be more important than more cores... sadly, at least for gaming which is my main PC use.
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Socket 1152, sorry. nothing says that Z170 can't be paired with it in lab. But with your current MB's use hammer.

6C / 6T Core exists, good. At 166$ I can think about it if Intel so decides.
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They demonstrated Optane on Skylake/Z170...
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Notice how the substrate cuts sit lower than those of socket 1151, more like where they were on 1155. If that photo is real representation anyways which it probably isn't.
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I7-8700k 6c12t 5ghz. A nice upgrade from my I5-6500 5ghz.
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Enterprise24I7-8700k 6c12t 5ghz. A nice upgrade from my I5-6500 5ghz.
If they keep this at around 350€ it's pretty decent, but well...
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