Sunday, June 4th 2017

Sharkoon Flaunt Their AM5 Case, Pacelight RGB System at Computex 2017

At5 Computex 2017, Sharkoon took the opportunity to set customer's eyes on their AM5 case, which features a modular front panel that can be swapped at will (provided you acquire the other options.) One of the most interesting characteristics of this case is that it will be sold in two options with differing materials for the side panels: one with an acrylic sheet, which is already a well-known material for those who want to gorge their eyes on their hardware; or with soundproof panels, which make sure not a whisper from your system's cooling can escape the confines of your case (at least from this particular side.)

Other characteristics are as usual, with a maximum 40 cm length for the graphics card, 16.7 cm for the CPU cooler, 20.5 cm for the power supply, support for 2x 140 mm fans on the front panel (pre-installed) or one of those 240 mm radiators; 1x 120 mm fan support on the back of the chassis; and up to 3x 120 mm fans or 2x 140 mm on the top of the case (we posit 280 mm AIOs can also be fit there).
Another product Sharkoon showcased was their Pacelight LED lighting and control system, which includes an internal USB-powered controller. This Pacelight controller supports up to 8x 4-pin connections, and 4x 3-pins, for either RGB fans or LED strips which are also bundled with the Pacelight. This controller can be (ahem) controlled through Sharkoon's Windows software, which allows you to set fan speeds, as well as the overall LED lighting presence of your case and RGB accessories, on a case-by-case basis (so if you want a Rainbowy case, you can definitely have one).
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I feel that Sharkoon is almost trying to troll AMD with the name of the case
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Ok, I lol'd.
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Quick! Why isn't anyone saying something about how it looks like Fractal again?! :rolleyes:
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