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Jonsbo Announces the VF-1 Graphics Card Cooler

Jonsbo has introduced a somewhat strange product to its lineup - a companion cooler to your graphics card. This cooler isn't meant to be installed directly on your graphics card, as some other aftermarket coolers like the Arctic Cooling Accelero series are; instead, this one is meant to be installed in an expansion slot (and a PCIe x16 at that, of all things) below your graphics card, providing additional cooling to your card's reference or custom cooler.

The VF-1 has an anodized aluminum magnesium alloy enclosure, which features a LED lighting accent towards your side window, and features 3x 80 mm cooling fans that blow air towards your graphics card.The VF-1 apparently operates at 18 dBA with the fans at their maximum 1500 RPM, and uses a SATA power connector instead of a fan header. The VF-1 measures 134 x 270 mm and is 20 mm thick, while the aluminum shroud material itself is 1.2 mm thick. It weighs 372 grams, and for all this, Jonsbo is quoting a 5ºC improvement in your graphics card's operating temperatures, which is... pretty underwhelming.
Source: ETeknix
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Lian-Li and few others used to make such brackets to add 80mm fans for cooling GPUs.
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5c isn't that underwhelming. Definitely means massively improved airflow, but it probably isn't worth it.
You know what they say, keep it cool at any cost.

The only benefit i can see with this, is that as you can keep the card a few degress cooler and by that boost will not throttle clocks so much down. FE/blower style cards cut properly benefit from it since blower style cards tends to run hotter than cards with aftermarked cooler.

Else its nothing else than a another useless hardware in my eyes.
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This could be useful for those using AIO LC to cool their gpu's, otherwise I don't see that much of a reason to get one of these.
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nothing strange, it's perfectly logical, though should have been done when hawaii came out

doesnt this interfere with airflow? it would make more sense of the original card's shroud & fan are removed so it's only empty heatsinks

i have a... either noname or zalamn bracket from the early 00s that can hold a fan, it doesnt go into the pci slots, but some part of the case
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Sempron Guy
I never thought I'd see this again. Surely brings back a lot of memories lol
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Outback Bronze
Had one of these 10 years ago, although not as slick.

It was called a "Fan Card".
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I did a quick check to see if it was April the 1st just now ... nope. So this thing needs to be dirt cheap, like less than €10 - the price of a 120mm fan kind of thing.

Otherwise you may as well just cable tie a fan over the top or similar and not lose any slots.
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So, we put fans on top of your fans to make a graphic card with already existing fans, cooler...

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I ghetto modded something like this on my friends PC and it works pretty well. Nice to see it done properly.
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Back in 2004 I would've bought two of these in a blink of an eye... xD
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sometimes simple thing makes your temp lower:D:D
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I don't see how this can help. I can only see it useful in a full tower with E-ATX board being placed in the very bottom slot, so it pushes cold air from the bottom higher towards the graphic card which is very high inside the case.
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cucker tarlson
How about removing the horrific blower fan from vega and using this to cool the power section and vapor chamber ?

Using this under an air cooled custom cardlike in the picture is worthless. I had alpenfohn fan bracket installed just under 980Ti 6G TwinFrozr5. Using 2x80mm fans changed nothing, two 120mm ones (prolimatech blue vortex) moved the temps down by one or two degrees at best. I still have the fan bracket in case I ever use a pci-e ssd, that would do the job nicely I think.

I wonder how it would do plugged in one slot above the gpu, it'd prolly help dump the hot air out of the case pretty darn great.
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I had one of these back in the days:
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Outback Bronze
levima43I had one of these back in the days:
Yep me too. That's the one.

Cooled my fully sick 9800 Pro :)
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I see someone is still stuck in the early 2000's...
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I think maybe these are coming back because of mining rigs, with lots of GPU's close to each other.
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Not a Moderator
I think 2010 called they want their accessory back. That said in the 2008-2012 or so more than a few cases featured vertical PCIe brackets near the regular brackets. In which case a Cooler like this could have been applied to cool down multi GPU setups. However that case feature seems to have died off. Now its just a mesh cut out with some water cooling holes which no one ever uses.
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While the merits of it cooling might be a topic. If the fans had control through PCI slot and motherboard software that has this slowly ramping up, and you can set the profile based on the GPU actual temperature could be a thoughtful product. But for what now almost 2018...not! I' mean motherboards give you full RGB controllability (this doesn't), but that's a fad that about as underwhelming and no performance improvement but no one harps that. At least there might be the right instance this could aid in performance, though wouldn't consider it unless say $15.
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RejZoRI don't see how this can help. I can only see it useful in a full tower with E-ATX board being placed in the very bottom slot, so it pushes cold air from the bottom higher towards the graphic card which is very high inside the case.
I'm with you on this one. If used by stacking it right next to the GPU fans, why not instead just turn up the GPU fans slightly? I would think adding these extra (tiny) fans would introduce as much or more noise than simply increasing the GPU fans speed a little bit. The way you are saying to mount it makes far more sense. Still hard to believe this was actually released in this decade, however, it would have probably been super badass for my passive GeForce4 back in like 2003.
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This can be super useful if you previously bought a passive cooled graphic card. For that, I can see the application. Stacking it over existing fans just creates vortexes and turbolences that just make things worse, not better. The other application is to lift cold air in really tall cases like I've mentioned before and maybe to cool those super fast PCIe SSD's that have passive heatsink only and placing this next to it should dramatically increase cooling efficiency of otherwise passive cooled component. Other than this, I don't see any other real purpose.


Also, placing it above graphic card could help lift heat away from it. But this means you'd need to have graphic card in a slot lower than top one, forcing you to use 8x PCIe since these days you only get 1x 16 slot. I miss the X58 days where I could stick graphic card in either slot and get 16x speed. I could really tweak the airflow there without affecting bandwidth.
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Outback BronzeYep me too. That's the one.

Cooled my fully sick 9800 Pro :)
Mine was for my 9600 pro, then my x800 :)
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