Wednesday, November 29th 2017

Latest Samsung 960 Pro Firmware Update Causes Application Freezes, Instability

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Users of Samsung's 960 Pro SSD's that have updated to the latest firmware version (3B6QCXP7) have been reporting far, wide, and through a variety of outlets, the existence of problems that lead to application instability and OS freezes lasting for several seconds before the system resumes normal functions. Apparently, there's no hard-crashing involved as of yet, though the issue seems to be widespread enough that it's generating discussion in Samsung's forums, our own, and some other tech publication's. It seems the 960 Pro is getting stuck with 100% activity reports in the task manager with read and write speeds of 0. At the same time, some users are reporting performance degradation by sometimes up to 1,400 MB/s in read speeds when benchmarking the drives, which also doesn't bode well for the firmware's pedigree.

The issue has been replicated by users running Perfect Disk while running SSD Optimization modes. A Samsung representative in the Forums seems to be on top of the issue, asking users for information on their systems and configuration before escalating the situation and reporting, though so far, it seems that the problem is being dismissed as being not widespread enough to be considered a cause for alarm. Samsung''s 960 Pro firmware can't be rolled back by users to a previous version, though, so take this post as a heads-up and maybe wait for a newer firmware revision, just to play it safe. A statement from Samsung follows after the break.

Update (December 1, 2017): In response to our story, a PR representative on behalf of Samsung provided us with the following statement:
Samsung is aware of the issue with the Samsung 960 PRO SSD and the latest firmware version (3B6QCXP7). Samsung is working to solve the firmware issue, and those affected should contact Samsung customer service at 1-800-726-7864 or
Time will tell how soon the fix comes, but this is a good first step. If anyone here is affected by the issue and has contacted Samsung, please let us know how it went.
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