Wednesday, December 7th 2016

Battlestate Games Announces Special New Year Event for Escape from Tarkov

Battlestate Games announces the final stage of the technical preparations for the Open Beta Testing of Escape from Tarkov. Thuswise, starting December 28 and over a few weeks, developers will conduct load testing of game servers in order to adjust processing for a large number of new players at the start of the OBT in the beginning of 2018. For this purpose, the studio has planned a New Year event, which will give free access to the game to a part of users who are registered on the official website of the project, but are not playing yet. 7-day access to the game will be granted to a part of the players, who will be picked randomly among the total number of subscribers, with bias for those who have been registered earlier.
Within a week after the event launch, the game will be available for purchase with a 25% discount, which is effective for all types of transactions (purchases, package upgrades and gifts).

Moreover, every user who has already purchased access to the game or bought the game during the 7 days of event, is guaranteed to receive additional game gear with ability to restore it within 6 months after each profile wipe, including manual one.

Along with that, players who have joined the testing before the launch of Closed Beta (July 28, 2017), will also receive:
  • Two 7-day access keys and the opportunity to share them with friends during the week.
Players who have preordered the game prior to the Alpha Test (August 5, 2016), additionally receive:
  • Promo code for the Standard Edition of the game
  • and two 7-day access keys and the opportunity to share them with friends during the week.
Also, the studio announces that forthcoming updates, which will be released before the end of the year, will include the full version of the Shoreline map, new weapons and items, as well as new features such as the new spawn and extraction system, dynamic weapon size change, helmet customization system and improved headwear slots, redesigned system of weapon mastering, dogtags and other features, which will be explained in more detail in the near future.

In the early 2018, with launch of OBT, the game will be further expanded with advanced game mechanics, and some of the existing ones will be redesigned. Moreover, players shall expect further optimization of the graphics and network components, as well as the new Interchange location and additional game content.

At this point, users purchasing any game package get access to the Beta testing and can start playing immediately after purchase.

Learn more about the project testing plans and the estimated completion time frame, and purchase the game on the official website of the project.
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4 Comments on Battlestate Games Announces Special New Year Event for Escape from Tarkov

Vya Domus
Surprised it's actually coming out.
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Vya Domus said:
Surprised it's actually coming out.
Never heard of this. Is it supposed to be big in some way?
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Farmer Boe
Been watching this game for a long time. Can't wait till it's officially out.
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Necro ... but this game is great if you got the system to play it the gun play and building of the guns is awesome.
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