Wednesday, December 7th 2016

Razer & Ignition Design Labs Bring Gaming Grade WiFi Networking to Homes

Razer, the leading global lifestyle brand for gamers, announced today a partnership with home networking partner Ignition Design Labs, creators of the award-winning Portal Wi-Fi router. The companies collaborated to optimize features and performance of the Portal router specifically for gaming. While evolving its ecosystem of hardware and software for gaming and entertainment, Razer identified device connectivity as a major area needing improvement. A sub-par router is often the cause of lag, screen tearing and buffering, three issues that commonly plague gamers. Mesh-capable Portal Wi-Fi routers help prevent these glitches. With key technologies, Portal successfully addresses the demands of high bandwidth gaming and streaming applications.
"Razer continually transforms categories to redefine the meaning of 'ultimate performance,'" says Razer Co-Founder and CEO Min-Liang Tan. "Now we're elevating Wi-Fi to meet that standard. It's vital to creating the best gaming and entertainment experiences for our fans all over the world."

Terry Ngo, CEO of Ignition Design Labs, said the following: "As engineers, we're passionate about technology and beautiful design. We've built high-performance Wi-Fi solutions for some of the most iconic names in consumer electronics. We're thrilled now to be partnering with Razer to transform Wi-Fi networking into a competition-beating advantage for the world's foremost gaming and entertainment ecosystem."

AVAILABILITY: Now at Razerstore; Worldwide in Q1 2018

PRICE: 149.99 USD/ 169.99 EUR

  • Patented congestion-busting technologies enabling fastest speeds and lowest latency, critical for the best gaming experiences
  • FastLanes Simultaneous Multi-Channel DFS technology enables your devices to operate in exclusive radar-protected channels avoiding unreliable & slow WiFi in peak hours
  • SmartLanes Intelligent Active Traffic and Interference Avoidance technology steers your devices to uncrowded, clean, fast channels
  • Latest Generation Quad-Stream 802.11ac with Wave-2 MU-MIMO providing powerful Gigabit connectivity for advanced mobile and gaming devices
  • Advanced QoS (quality of service) management prioritizes gaming traffic for optimum speed and latency
  • Mesh 2.0 establishes a blanket of fast, ultra-reliable WiFi coverage for homes up to 6,000 sq. ft. using just two Portal units (where other competitors require three units or more)
  • WiFi AutoPilot adaptive roaming technology steers high bandwidth client devices to the fastest channel and the closest mesh node for optimum performance
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15 Comments on Razer & Ignition Design Labs Bring Gaming Grade WiFi Networking to Homes

Oh there's a gaming grade now.....
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blobster21 said:
Oh there's a gaming grade now.....
it's been there for a long time. I think it was D'Link or Linksys who were first to market "gaming grade".
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Judging from the range of my D-LINK 850L with internal antennas....I have a bad feeling about this white pebble.
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I wonder if all the other routers between your ISP and the server are gaming grade
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They just take chips slap em in plastic housing and market them with lies.
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I stick with my high end Netgear router for the same price I paid for it in 2016 no special software needed I can do everything from renaming my network and changing my password all from my phone app and wait no RGPs lol
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Silly Razer , gaming grade router should be Black with stealth edgy look and 6-8 antennas .
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Oh heavens another completely worthless 'Hi Gullible Kids!' Razer product
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Just another standard WiFi access point but with some fancy buzz words slapped on it, and the manufacturer can then ask for a premium...

Going to stick to my Ubiquiti AC-PRO
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My RGB router with military grade parts puts this "gaming grade" router to shame.
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blobster21 said:
Oh there's a gaming grade now.....
I know....these purposely ambiguous, non-recognized terms mascarading as "standards" are so ridiculous and annoying...."gaming grade"..I hate how whomever wrote this release acted as if they believed their own BS
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Main thing I like is the 7 antennas; fairly robust for a consumer AP/router.
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Parn said:
Just another standard WiFi access point but with some fancy buzz words slapped on it, and the manufacturer can then ask for a premium...

Going to stick to my Ubiquiti AC-PRO
Actually, it's not. It has a third radio in it for automatic 5GHz DFS band switching which so far, no other company has put in a consumer level router. That has nothing to do with making it a "gaming" router though.

Biggest problem with this thing is that it's using a rather old MIPS SoC that was designed for range extenders and the like, not routers, which makes it even less suitable as a "gaming" router.
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There are:

A) Lies
B) More Lies
C) Damned Lies

Seems like this unit covers them ALL quite extensively :)

Lets see some real world tests to see if it lives up to the hype, or is an epic fail w/a large smokescreen thrown in for good measure.....
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