Monday, January 8th 2018

Linksys Shows off WRT32XB Gaming Router Powered by Killer

Linksys at its exhibition alongside the 2018 CES, showed off its latest gaming-grade Wi-Fi router, the WRT32XB. The router comes in two main "variants," one with co-branding from Alienware, Razer, GIGABYTE, and MSI; while another with exclusive Xbox One co-branding, named WRT32XB. Both variants are based on Rivet Networks Killer WLAN processors, and firmware optimization. The WRT32XB comes with a little more firmware fine-tuning that gives your Xbox One console a slight edge in pings and bandwidth prioritization. The router can sense that an Xbox One is seeking traffic (you're playing on it), and automatically run QoS rules that give it priority. The router comes with 802.11AC (2x2 dual-MIMO), with gigabit Ethernet WAN ports, and USB 3.0 ports for mass-storage sharing. When it comes out this February, it will be priced at the same USD $299.99 price as the WRT32X.
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dat price... :kookoo::kookoo::shadedshu::shadedshu::shadedshu::shadedshu::shadedshu::shadedshu::shadedshu::shadedshu:
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eSATA is a novelty, but besides that, 299$ is a bit overkill for what I can see.
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"Gaming" routers always looked pretty dumb, but at least they had top notch hardware and performance to back up the price. This uses KILLER hardware though which means it's a complete non-starter and a total piece of shit.
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Gaming on wireless is stupid anyways. There will always be lag and equipment will degrade after a while. This wont make your ping any better or so. The only thing it can do better for you is the latency in between your computer and / or router.

If you want best ping, go for cable, and turn off any fancy feature in router that might cause a CPU spike. That's all you can do.
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