Thursday, February 8th 2018

Colorful Dominates PUBG-capable Graphics Card Market

Colorful Technology Company Limited, professional manufacturer of graphics cards, motherboards and high-performance storage solutions announces that its line-up of graphics cards are highly recommended for the worldwide sensation game PUBG or PlayerUnknown's BattleGrounds. With almost 3 million concurrent active players at any given time, it has become a must for almost any PC to be able to play PUBG. COLORFUL's history has been one created by its fans and users and the overwhelming demand for PUBG has left gamers asking if their graphics card can play PUBG in Ultra. COLORFUL has always stood by its commitment to gamers in delivering high-quality, high-performance products that meets their needs.

The chart below shows the performance of COLORFUL graphics cards in PUBG demonstrating that even in Ultra settings, COLORFUL VGAs are capable of delivering incredible performance even from the value segment all the way to the extreme enthusiast segment.
Based on the results above, the GTX 1050 Ti offers a playable framerate whereas the GTX 1060 3GB onwards offer completely smooth 60FPS gaming experience at Ultra graphics settings for PUBG which is highly recommended for gamers looking to experience the best of what the game has to offer in terms of visuals. Depending on the type of users, COLORFUL recommends considering their games to see which graphics cards fit their needs like the GTX 1080 Ti which is highly recommended for enthusiasts who want no-holds-barred performance for any games.

COLORFUL is always committed to offer the best gaming experience in any and all games on PC and we look forward to delivering new and exciting products that compliment your gaming experience.
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8 Comments on Colorful Dominates PUBG-capable Graphics Card Market

What.. Since when did Colorful become a magical brand with secret PUBG sauce? What a load of bullocks :/
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"MadsMagnus said:
What.. Since when did Colorful become a magical brand with secret PUBG sauce? What a load of bullocks :/
Think of their market and the game in question ;)
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This kind of PR should not be advertised. They don't deserve the exposure, as this is free for em (i hope so)
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Colorful Z-370 RGB rocks!
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Easy to dominate a chart with no rival.
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So my MSI GTX 1070 is not capable of running PUBG :(
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so a chinese knock-off brand dominates a-half-baked-POS-game played mainly by chinese... what a shocker
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It also means Colorful dominates China.
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