Thursday, February 8th 2018

Sharkoon Announces SKILLER SGS2 Gaming Seat

Sharkoon expands their range of gaming seats and, with the SKILLER SGS2, introduces a new seat with a breathable fabric cover. The base is made from a steel frame construction, which, in addition to its class-4 gas lift piston, promises optimal stability. Individual adjustments are possible via the 3D armrests and adjustable backrest with tilt control system. Five 60 mm wheels on the steel five-star base provide mobility. The seat offers four total color versions.

Sporty, black design with a selection of highlights in the colors red, blue, green or gray, characterize the new gaming seat from Sharkoon. This time, however, breathable fabric upholstery is used. This encases the 83 cm high foam padded backrest as well as the 39.5 x 50 cm large seat. Embroidered logos and colored stitching, matching the respective color version, additionally decorate the seat. To support an ergonomic seating posture, the gaming seat is equipped with a class-4 gas lift piston, ensuring an optimal seat height.
The 3D armrests offer individuality, with adjustments possible in terms of arm length, height and horizontal angle. Breathable fabric head and lumbar cushions, which are provided, match the same color accents of the gaming seat. The lumbar cushion situates into the desired position by using the flexible straps, and both cushions fasten using clip closures. During quick breaks, the backrest can lock at a wide angle between 90° and 160°. With its tilt control system, the SGS2 offers a rocking chair atmosphere with tilt angles from 3° to 18°.

The seat has a steel frame construction with a diameter of 19 mm. A massive five-star base provides further stability, which is also made of steel. The gas lift piston can safely support a maximum weight of 110 kilograms, while the maximum height of the user is estimate at 185 cm. Five 60 mm wheels support the stable stand and ensure mobility on level surfaces. The total weight of the SGS2 is 20.8 kilograms.

The Sharkoon SKILLER SGS2 is available starting calendar week 8 for the suggested retail price of 179 euros from authorized retailers.
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Again, headrest holes meant for seatbelts serve no purpose in a computer chair. Because a plastic hole in my chair is where i want to rest my head.
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Will it give me skills to win every match in PUBG as a n00b? :D
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.....isn't something else named skiller too?>
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Rich Knapp
skates said:
If you want a modern chair which is high quality with an open back, then this is for you.

The price is about the same as the racer chairs and the materials/workmanship are top notch. There is nothing cheap about this chair.
That looks like my Grandpa's chair. The SKILLER SGS2 Gaming Seat looks more like a gaming chair.
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