Thursday, February 22nd 2018

ADATA and XPG Feature Total Mobile Gaming Solution at MWC 2018

ADATA Technology Co., Ltd., a leading manufacturer of high performance DRAM modules and NAND Flash products, is excited to announce the first participation at Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2018,the world's largest gathering for the mobile industry. ADATA and XPG are together presenting a total mobile gaming solution that provides mobility, functionality, and convenience in order to fulfill of growing number of mobile users' needs. ADATA brings the latest three high density battery cellpower bank models that provide a lightweight and versatile choice of colors and capacities. For XPG, EMIX I30 features patented design driven by 5.2 channel surround sound with a rich and detailed sound quality. By bringing these two devices together into a small, tidy package offers an immediate convenience for mobile gamers.

Nowadays, end users have continued to be fascinated and amazed by rapidly evolving mobile technology. Mobile gaming is one of the few segments that have swiftly grown at an immense pace and with a rise in demand. XPG places an emphasis on delivering rich and detailed sound quality. The 5.2 channel EMIX I30 has established an inner vacuum tube technology that creates true 3D surround sound. It also employs oversized 13.5 mm units made of durable yet reactive monomer materials. EMIX I30 works instantly with a majority of electronic devices.
From PCs to consoles and mobile devices, just plug them in and enjoy. Regarding PC gamers, EMIX H30 headset and SOLOX F30 amplifier combo set represents XPG's first venture into an audio solution for gamers and offers additional functionality. First of all, EMIX H30 is fitted with giant 53mm drivers with a frequency range from 20Hz to 20,000Hz. SOLOX F30 features a useful p! ass-through speaker and additional audio modes. Gaming, music, movies, and voice chat modes provide the punch, depth, and clarity you demand, modifying the sound stage to best suit each application.

Whether you play mobile games occasionally or you are addicted to the hottest mobile games wherever you go, ADATA offers a variety of mobile gaming accessories including wireless charging pads, power banks, and memory cards, which are the perfect way to improve your gaming experience.The CW0050 is a 6mm ultra-thin wireless charging pad that supports the Qi wireless charging standard for the latest mobile devices such as Apple iPhone 8, iPhone X, and Samsung Galaxy 8 / Note 8. The three newest power banks with the high density battery cells, P10050, P16750, and P20010, provide a lightweight and versatile choice of colors and capacities. ADATA continues to develop new options for external hard drives and SSDs for users in the near future, including the 5TB HD330 external hard drive, the camo HD710M Pro external hard drive, and the 1TB SE730H USB-C external SSD.
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