Thursday, February 22nd 2018

ADATA Showcases Full Industrial Product Range at Embedded World 2018

ADATA Technology, a leading manufacturer of highperformance DRAM modules, SSD and NAND based Flash products, is pleased to confirm participation in Embedded World 2018, which is the premiere embedded systems and industrial PC trade show in Europe. The event is scheduled for February 27th to March 1st 2018 and taking place in Nuremberg, Germany. ADATA is fielding its entire industrial-grade portfolio, covering SSDs, SD cards, and CFAST products that now use new-generation 3D NAND.

ADATA will showcase several PCIe M.2 2280 SSDs and DDR4 2666 DRAM modules, which feature extreme high speed, wide temperature tolerance and sustained reliability for industrial embedded applications, as well as for AI, AR, VR and video gaming. In addition, industrial box PCs, embedded cards, server motherboards, smart car infotainment, and casino gaming controls will be at the show. ADATA ex! pects Embedded World 2018 to be the most productive and exciting show yet after years of taking part in the event.
With the vigorous growth of embedded systems, AI, virtual assistant, self-driving cars and robots, customers expect industrial embedded storages to not only be durable but also to have high performance and capacity to quickly process and store huge amounts of data. To fulfill these market demands, ADATA has prepared a full range of SSDs and embedded storage products, like SATAIII SSD's, CFAST and SD cards, with 3D NAND implemented for higher density, transfer rate speeds and improved energy efficiency. ADATA will also exhibit M.2 2280 SSDs with PCIe interface, offering stunning speed performance of over 3000MB/s for lightning computing. And thanks to the support of data protection technologies, ADATA PCIe SSDs can effectively guard the valuable data with great stability and longevity.

ADATA industrial-grade SSDs and memory modules all must meet the strictest anti-corrosion and temperature tolerance requirements. They provide long-lasting products that can continue working even if exposed to harsh environments, including moisture, humidity, acidity, heat, and cold (typically -40 to 85 degrees Celsius). ADATA DDR4 DRAM modules also feature high speeds of up to 2666MHz and operate at 1.2V for high performance and power efficiency. At Embedded World 2018, ADATA will also show its DDR4 Non-Volatile Dual In-Line Memory Module (NVDIMM), which can backup DRAM contents to flash during a power loss, preventing data from an unexpected power loss or system crash. With this great advantage, the NVDIMM is a perfect solution for enterprise-grade servers and data centers.
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