Friday, February 23rd 2018

Konami Charges $10 for a Second Save Slot in Metal Gear Survive

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Metal Gear Survive like many other games requires the player to create a character in order to start the single-player campaign or play online. Everything is fine up to this point. However, only the first save slot in Metal Gear Survive is free as consequent save slots will cost a small fee. For example, players who want to do a second playthrough and keep their existing character will have to pay Konami for a second save slot. Each new save slot costs 1000 Survival coins. Therefore, players will have to spend at least $10 to buy 1150 Survival coins to purchase a save slot. The concept certainly isn't new as many online multiplayer games charge players for creating a second character. It's somewhat justifiable since you're technically paying for additional storage on their servers. But in Konami's case, it's just outright wrong to charge players for storing an extra save file on their own hard drive or SSD.
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