Sunday, March 5th 2017

Cougar Launches the PANZER-G Glass-Enveloped Chassis

Cougar has launched another tower chassis to its lineup in the form of the glass-clad PANZER-G. The PANZER-G makes its Cougar DNA known through its orange accents, which give an aggressive look to a pretty elegant case. The symmetry of the chassis has been achieved in a way that guides your eyes vertically through the chassis. It's a mix of industrialized glass, screws and alloy frames that's actually well put together, and the front glass panel and new generation Vortex fan LED design lends to the PANZER-G's subdued, yet clearly present, aesthetic.
The PANZER-G is pretty well stocked when it comes to extra fans and radiator mount locations, and has the expected clearances needed for high-end PC insides (ATX motherboards up to 267 mm in depth, GPUs up to 400 mm in length, standard-size ATX power supplies, 2x 3.5" and 4x 2.5" bays). The Cougar PANZER-G is now available from $120.
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