Monday, March 6th 2017

AMD Project ReSX is an eSports Gamer Outreach by Making Radeon More Responsive

AMD's late-Monday release of the Radeon Software Adrenalin 18.3.1 has a big change not chronicled in its change-log, the first implementation of ReSX. Short for "Radeon eSports Experience," ReSX is the code-name of a major effort within the Radeon Software team to address some of the fundamental complaints competitive eSports gamers had been having with Radeon GPUs - click-to-response and frame-time. As an eSports gamer chasing a million-dollar price-pool, you'd want your graphics hardware to have the least frame-time (the most fluid output), the highest frame-rates, and of course the least click-to-response time (the infinitesimal amount it times for a click of your mouse to register as action, be sent to the game-server, and render on-screen, simultaneously.

AMD stated that has approached these problems from two fronts - by working with developers of the biggest eSports titles to optimize their game-engines for Radeon; as well as making under-the-hood changes to Radeon Software. The company is announcing not just marginally higher frame-rates in certain eSports titles, but also significant improvements to frame-time (99th percentile of), and lower click-to-response times. According to the performance numbers put out by AMD, while these improvements may not be double-digit percentage points difference, could still translate into a vastly improved gaming experience, according to AMD.
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