Tuesday, April 17th 2018

MSI Announces Intel 8th Gen Gaming Desktops with G.A.M.E. Unlimited

MSI proudly announces the new Gaming Desktop series. The product will include the Aegis Ti3, Aegis 3, Infinite A, Trident 3, Trident 3 Arctic and Nightblade MI3. Based on the latest Intel 8th-generation processor technology, powered by MSI's unmatched game-enhancing features, a true gaming experience without any boundaries is now possible. Go beyond the ordinary and experience the extraordinary. Moreover, MSI is honorably expanding its current Gaming Desktops with the Optix Curved Gaming monitors to introduce the concept of G.A.M.E. Unlimited: Gaming Power, Accessibility, Monitor, and Experience.
Even though the power and compactness of MSI Gaming Desktops have made leaps and bounds over the years, we as gamers always crave for more power as game developers continually ramp up the resolution and fidelity of the latest games. Now your illusion of carrying a beastlike has become the reality: Aegis Ti3, with the latest Intel 8th-generation processor, is the flagship model which stands on the commanding heights; Trident 3 Series is characterized by an impressive console-sized design, but with the most powerful gaming rig.

More than Intel 8th-gen processor, MSI has heard the feedback from gamers. The components within an MSI Gaming Desktop are selected and tweaked to get you the best performance and experience while gaming. The Breathtaking MSI Graphics Card delivers better graphics and cooling performance. This allows gamers to enjoy the best in-game performance, while the supreme cooler keeps the graphics card cool and quiet. Thanks to the innovative breakthrough for the chipset bandwidth limit, MSI Gaming Storage accelerates the data transfer rate of the M.2 PCI-e SSD up to 7,200 MB/sec and makes you the 1st one to stand on the battlefield.

MSI crafted a unique way, Silent Storm Cooling, to keep the system as cool and quiet as possible. This is done by individually cooling the most important heat-generating hardware in the system using separated chambers. When performance really matters, Aegis Ti3 and Trident 3 Series are up to the task and deliver powerful gameplay. The participant no longer needs to worry about noisy ventilators or overheating hardware, as both provide the unmatched Gaming Power for any games you throw at it.

MSI's beastly gaming desktops are true game changers packed with power and stunning innovations. Keeping your gaming rig up to date with the latest hardware is MSI's priority. Housing all this high-powered hardware, The MSI Aegis 3 Series has a characteristic, breathtaking case design that is incredibly easy to use. The Nightblade MI3 series is known as a compact build and is upgradable. Therefore, the gaming rig won't take up much space and is easy to transport to any gaming destination.

Whether you're expanding storage or upgrading your processor or graphics card, you can always keep your gaming rig up to date with the latest hardware. Upgrading these systems is a piece of cake thanks to removable left, right, and topside chassis covers. They give access to its memory, graphics card or storage bays. Furthermore, MSI designs on the Steel Armor which shields the Slot in the gaming rig, it protects gamers' device and its interface from harm. Considering the importance of mobility in a battlefield, a sturdy handle is built into the case to simply pick up and carry this Gaming beast around from one Gaming den into the next. MSI Gaming Desktops bring you the Great Accessibility to customize your True Gaming Rig.

MSI is proudly expanding its Curved Gaming Monitor lineup with the MPG series, which honored with CES 2018 Innovation Award. The MSI Optix MPG27 series is the first gaming monitors with SteelSeries GameSense built in. It's featured with a 144hz refresh rate and 1ms response time VA LED panel, which has the most benefit in fast-moving game genres. Using the several RGB zones on the front and back, gamers can easily program lighting effects in SteelSeries Engine to notify them of in-game timers or cooldowns, discord notifications or other important information they want at-a-glance.

The MSI Gaming Series Products are inspired by a never-ending desire to GAME. It was conceived to bring a game which ends in extreme victory for gamers with the unprecedented power. With the perfect combination of Gaming Desktop and Curved Gaming monitor, MSI provides a complete and unmatched solution for gamers. With the amazing integration of software and all MSI distinctive gaming gears, gamers just chill and focus on winning. Gamers don't have to search their equipment, MSI Gaming Desktop plus Curved Gaming Monitor brings the cheer from the crowd to gamers!

It's time to be visible! It's time to win a marvelous Gaming Experience! A Cheer arises for gamers with their distinctive personalization. Beyond Gaming hardware, with MSI Curved Gaming Monitor, the MSI Gaming desktops design with tons of Gaming features to make this personalization become the reality. The Aegis Ti3 and Aegis 3 series with MSI Mystic Light technology, gamers can select any of the colors from the palette to meet the style of this Gaming monster, and plenty of LED effects to choose from for the activities. The Infinite Series utilizes either dual steel or one sturdy tempered glass side panels to glance at all the gaming components inside which make it as a superstar at eSport. Trident 3 Series with the latest Nahimic 3 and Audio Boost Technology, gamers will be amazed and get the most immersive sound experience when gaming in the living room. Nightblade MI3 series is known as a compact build and upgradable so that this gaming rig doesn't take up much space but powerful in the bedroom.

MSI Gaming Desktops plus Curved Gaming Monitor Distinguish you as a True Gamer, A Cheer arises with your distinctive personalization. Get the extremely immersive game experience & distinctive personalization with MSI's Gaming Desktops and Curved Gaming Monitors. This is True Gaming. This is G.A.M.E. UNLIMITED.
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John Naylor
Those re some really ugly cases ... and the flashy lightie stuff i'm scared about .. likely to lead to hypnotic control or spasms.
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Holy shit MSI. Game much?

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Holy shit MSI. Game much?
It has been their core branding for hardware since their corporate image overhaul. One can wonder if they just stopped paying the marketing department, so they aren't coming up with anything new :laugh:

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Cost? Probably over the top.
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