Thursday, June 14th 2018

Arozzi Showcases Multiple Gaming Products at COMPUTEX 2018

Arozzi at COMPUTEX 2018 showcased its various products aimed towards making gamers' lives easier, more connected, and more comfortable. The company put on the show its gaming chairs, gaming eyewear solutions, gaming desks, and microphones, as it looks to invade gamers' battle-stations.

The Verona XL+, for example is the company's flagship gaming chair, with ultra-durable steel aluminum framing and comfortable Pleather fabric that is easily cleaned (€319). Users looking for a complete station can acquire the Velocità, a racing simulator stand that can be attached to compatible gaming chairs for a seamless experience.
Other Arozzi products shown included their Arena Leggero Gaming Desk (€299), which adds a gamer twist to the confined spacing requirements of some homes. The entire surface is a washable mouse pad, providing comfort and protection from scratches, as well as a cable management system.
The Colonna (€99.90) is a microphone solution with an interesting, throwback design with switchable pickup patterns (Omnidirectional, Cardioid, Bidirectional). There's a custom designed USB connector as well as an adjustable stand - and it can be mounted on a microphone arm as well, for added versatility. A 3.5 mm jack and a volume controller are also part of the design.
The Sfera Pro (€69.99) is another microphone solution, still with a classic, though modern presentation. Sound capture is made via a high-quality condenser capsule technology with switchable pickup patterns (Cardioid, Cardioid -10dB, and Omnidirectional). Like the Colonna, it features the same 3.5 mm jack and a volume controller.
Their Visione line of gaming glasses, on the other hand, are available in multiple model tiers, from €39.90 up to €54.90, and are meant to help gamers' eyes stay safe by blocking blue UV light that would effectively lead to eye strain and fatigue.
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A "pleather" chair for €319, not freakin likely, those things fall apart real quick.
I wouldn't pay more than €99 for it.
For that price I expect real leather and a 5 year warranty at least.
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