Tuesday, January 30th 2007

Corsair Launches 2GB DDR2-667 SODIMM Memory Modules

Corsair, today unveiled production-ready 2GB DDR2-667 (PC5300) ValueSelect SODIMMs. Designed for current generation notebooks and mini-PCs, the new high density SODIMMs allow users to maximize memory bandwidth and minimize performance bottleneck to deliver superior user experience. The Corsair ValueSelect SODIMMs are optimized for Microsoft Windows Vista client operating system.

"Current notebooks typically support up to 4GB of system memory when using a 64-bit operating system but feature only two memory slots. With this limitation in mind, it means users have to use 2GB SODIMM modules in order to maximize memory capacity. Having more memory in the notebook is vital in delivering a faster system response time and a smoother user experience," said Richard Hashim, Director of Product Marketing at Corsair. "For those looking to transition to Vista, the 2GB modules allows instant upgrade of current notebooks to be Vista Ready and delivers Vista premium experiences."

Corsair ValueSelect DDR2-667 2GB SODIMM Features:
- Individually tested at 1.8V
- Up to 50% less power consumption
- Superior hardware design to reduce heat generation
- Corsair part number: VS2GSDS667D2
- Lifetime warranty

The Corsair ValueSelect 2GB SODIMM memory modules are immediately available through Corsair's worldwide authorized distributors, retailers, resellers and e-tailers. The introductory MSRP is $489 USD. For more information on the product go to http://www.corsairmemory.com/corsair/valueselect.html#ddr2sodimm. All Corsair memory products are backed by a lifetime warranty and complete customer support via telephone, email, forum and TechSupport Xpress troubleshooting guide. Source: Corsair
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Bird of Prey
These would be awesome if I were into Notebook gaming. I just like the toshibas because their screens are truly awesome.
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