Thursday, August 9th 2018

SilverStone Intros LSB02 Addressable RGB + Fan Controller with Remote

SilverStone introduced the LSB02, a box that you tuck away behind your motherboard tray to control not just your addressable-RGB lighting, but also fans, using an RF remote control. The controller puts out six 3-pin ARGB ports, which can each address up to 72 LEDs; and four 4-pin (PWM) fan control channels. Power is drawn from a 4-pin Molex connector. There's also an included thermal probe that can be tucked into your CPU cooler. For those apprehensive about using magnetic mounts behind the motherboard, SilverStone has included adhesive Velcro pads. Measuring 65mm (W) x 23mm (H) x 109mm (D), the box weighs about 72 g.
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3 Comments on SilverStone Intros LSB02 Addressable RGB + Fan Controller with Remote

Been playing with my remote for a bit. 366 modes of rgb madness.
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Powered by a molex connector? Really?
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I like that it uses non-proprietary, 3 pin JST connectors, but only 72 pixels per port? I cant even use my 144led/m strips let alone my ultra high density 280led/m strips...I don't get why all the PC brand led controllers can only control a few pixels when you can buy a $10, digital controller on Amazon that can control 2048 pixels?
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