Thursday, October 11th 2018

AMD Dabbles with Brick-and-Mortar Direct Retail in The Philippines

An AMD "Concept Store" opened in the Philippines. The store retails AMD processors, graphics cards based on AMD GPUs, and pre-builts such as notebooks and desktops, which feature either or both. It wouldn't surprise us if they took the concept a step ahead with processor + motherboard + memory + graphics card combos. There could even be fully functional gaming desktops so customers could experience gaming in-store. The store has just the AMD logo in its masthead, and no other retailer branding, leading us to believe this could be an experiment by AMD's local office for the country to dabble with direct retail in an emerging market with relatively low awareness of alternatives to larger competitors such as Intel and NVIDIA.
Source: haring_dagitab (Reddit)
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the only problem with a own brand store are the not good to sell under other retailers ones, those who're selling their similar products , bought from them under a contract...
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Sempron Guy
It's a partnership, not purely under AMD. The store is under one of the major computer retailer stores here in the country.
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Sempron GuyIt's a partnership, not purely under AMD. The store is under one of the major computer retailer stores here in the country.
Which would that be? PCHub?
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Whoa it's in my neck of the woods. I think I'll have to check it out and support the Red Team.
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If they can give better deal that way then it's definitely gonna attract consumer's eyes otherwise meh
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This is at Cyberzone. Cyberzone, in partnership with many hardware vendors (including names such as Republic of Gamers and Acer) operates these concept stores, which are nothing more than stores-in-store designs.
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Nice, I think the cost of the products will probs slightly higher due to overheads, like rent of shop, all staff wages etc, nice to have an shop to go and purchase from, things tend to start falling apart when company's start opening up loads of shops and go global, making more overhead costs.

for example, where I live there are 2 Sony stores, both of which rarely have any customers in them, but I can see why, I thought grate should be able to get good deal for Sony products, boy was I wrong, I could see why they never hardly had any customers, everything and I mean everything was at full RRP so PS4 was full price in Sony store, when two shops down from Sony store you could get same PS4 + game £50 less.
Put it this way I would never buy from the Sony store. I don't even bother going in and looking anymore (like most people) as it was always the most expensive shop for there products. probs why they empty all the time.

people always find the best deal online 9 times out of 10, which is sad really I used to enjoy looking around the computer stores, which all mostly closed down now, which is very sad.

These internet shopping sites have cost a lot of people's jobs and killed off any local small business (shops) in my area because they just can't compete price wise due to business rates and all the other things that comes with running a store, let alone the credit crunch.

about 12 years back I built up a really relationship with a local store to the point I could go in store for PC parts and they gave me an account where I could take what ever I wanted 10% cheaper than store mark-up price and have 30 days to pay at no extra cost, I used build a lot of computers for friends or friends of friends.

The owner Pete was a grate small business man who was not greedy and would do the best he could for his customers from 1993 to around 2010 sadly he's closed down due to business rates and staff costs, he did have online store for shop which couldn't compete with the likes of amazon ect.

he started his business from his shop based at his home (small building on side of his house), after about 7 years he got small shop, after having small shop for about 2 years he expanded to a slightly larger shop to store stock and demand for product's until he closed down in around 2010.

what darn shame … he was a really nice fellow to. sozz went off on one lol was just reminiscing of better times lol
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Would be awesome to see a flagship store in NYC. I'd buy from there.
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May 24th, 2022 11:17 EDT change timezone

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