Thursday, February 8th 2007

NVIDIA MCP72 Chipset Details

DailyTech has revealed new details of NVIDIA’s upcoming MCP72 single-processor chipset. This will be NVIDIA’s first HT3(HyperTransport 3.0) compatible chipset and a successor to the current nForce 500-series MCP and the upcoming AMD MCP68 chipsets. MCP72 will support AMD’s socket AM2 and HT3 enabled AM2+. Socket AM2+ will house AMD’s upcoming Athlon 64 Agena and Opteron Budapest quad-core processors. Unlike the nForce 500-series, the upcoming MCP72 is a single-chip solution similar to the previous nForce 3-series and early nForce 4-series. It will also offer a small footprint and have low power consumption. MCP72 will also be NVIDIA’s first PCIe 2.0 equipped chipset, making it ideal for next-generation PCIe peripherals and graphics cards. Other notable MCP72 features include support for six SATA 3.0Gbps and dual Gigabit Ethernet ports like the current nForce 500-series. As with all NVIDIA chipset architectures, expect MCP72 to spawn SLI and Ultra variants. There’s also the possibility of MCP72-based integrated graphics offerings too. Expect MCP72 to launch in time for AMD’s upcoming Agena and Budapest quad-core processors.Source: DailyTech
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more power comin from nvidia ;)
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Bird of Prey
This is sweet. Now, lets see what AMDATI has up its sleeve to support these new procs. No doubt, it will take advantage of every intricate detail of AMDS procs.
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