Monday, January 14th 2019

ASUS Announces Expanded Memory Support for Z390 Motherboards

ASUS today announced that its Z390 motherboards will support a maximum DRAM capacity of 128GB via a UEFI BIOS update that's being rolled out from today on the ASUS support site. ASUS will bring this increased memory support to all Z390 motherboards via additional BIOS updates that will be available soon.

Previously, support for 128GB of DRAM was available only on high-end desktop (HEDT) motherboards with eight DIMM slots, such as the Intel X299 platform. Intel recently updated its memory reference code (MRC), enabling the memory controller in 9th Gen Intel Core processors to increase the supported capacity of each DIMM from 16GB to 32GB, resulting in a total system memory capacity of 128GB when populated with two DIMMs per channel (2DPC) on both memory channels. This increased memory support gives users more flexibility for running memory-intensive applications and tasks.
Owners of selected ASUS Z390 motherboards can update their system to support up to 128GB of memory via a BIOS available now on the ASUS support site. Additional BIOS updates for other ASUS Z390 motherboards are coming soon. The Z390 motherboards are compatible with the latest 32GB memory modules listed in the qualified vendors list (QVL) below.
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4 Comments on ASUS Announces Expanded Memory Support for Z390 Motherboards

Going to assume this is only with UDIMM's rather than RDIMM or FBDIMM
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With today ddr4 prices i guess this was complete waste of time.
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CammGoing to assume this is only with UDIMM's rather than RDIMM or FBDIMM
FBDIMM is like ddr2. What they are talking about is double capacity DDR4 modules. Max capacity for dual rank dual sided DDR4 ram sticks was 16 gb for consumers, now you can have 32 gb because it’s practically now quad rank, or 4 rows.
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I will finally be able to play BATTLEFIELD 14 in the year 2027 :slap:

128 is a lot of RAMs . my current system as 8 or maybe 16, cant even remember, damn i should upgrade my memory o_O
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