Friday, February 8th 2019

GIGABYTE Announces its Radeon VII Graphics Card

GIGABYTE, the world's leading premium gaming hardware manufacturer, today announced the launch of Radeon VII HBM2 16G, the latest Radeon VII graphics cards built upon the world's first 7nm gaming GPU. Based on the enhanced second-generation AMD 'Vega' architecture, Radeon VII is equipped with 3840 stream processors and 16GB of ultra-fast HBM2 memory (second-generation High-Bandwidth Memory). It is designed to deliver exceptional performance and amazing experiences for the latest AAA, e-sports and Virtual Reality (VR) titles, demanding 3D rendering and video editing applications, and next-generation compute workloads.

According to the AMD official website, the Radeon VII graphics card enables high-performance gaming and ultra-high quality visuals. Ground-breaking 1 TB/s memory bandwidth and a 4,096-bit memory interface paves the way for ultra-high resolution textures, hyper-realistic settings and life-like characters. With the high speeds of today's graphics cards, framerates often exceed the monitor refresh rate, causing stuttering and tearing.
With AMD Radeon FreeSync technology, gamers can experience smooth gameplay at every level. In addition, AMD Radeon FreeSync 2 HDR technology offers more than 2X better brightness and color volume compared to sRGB. AMD Radeon Software features Day-0 game driver support and up-to-the minute game optimizations for performance enhancements. Gamers can effortlessly capture, stream and share their memorable moments and clutch victories with Radeon ReLive; monitor performance and PC system info, and socialize with the AMD Link application.

With the purchase of GIGABYTE Radeon VII HBM2 16G, gamers will receive the AMDs 'Raise the Game Fully Loaded' bundle, which includes complimentary PC versions of the highly anticipated Resident Evil 2, Devil May Cry 5 and Tom Clancy's The Division 2.
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Chloe Price
More like "Gigabyte added its stickers to the reference Radeon VII graphics card". :)
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Chloe Price, post: 3990374, member: 123719"
More like "Gigabyte added its stickers to the reference Radeon VII graphics card". :)
hey those stickers cost tons to research and where to strategically place them for the full benefit of looking at them! You should be happy they added a few extra bucks to the price for all that hard work!
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Gigabyte or not lets hope the AIB partners can flood the market with Cards
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dorsetknob, post: 3990407, member: 8331"
Gigabyte or not lets hope the AIB partners can flood the market with Cards
Will they flood the market with these cards? I don't think it's in their decision or power to do it. They are not making the chips. I wonder if it will be any better than the FE version that's been reviewed. I also hope that the drivers will get improved because the R7 performance is all over the place. That's weird how the card's performance in one game differs from the other game considering NV counterparts.
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