Thursday, March 14th 2019

Alphacool Announces Presale for Eisblock Plexi Light for Radeon VII

The dream of addressable Digital RGB
The Eisblock GPX Plexi Light cooler comes from Alphacool's high-end series and perfectly reflects Alphacool's philosophy. High performance, outstanding aesthetics, and the latest technology are all bundled together to create a fantastic cooler.

The Alphacool Plexi Light graphic cards water cooler is characterized by several design features. The clear Plexiglas allows you to see the water flow. The cooling block is made of solid copper, and is then completely nickel-plated. The generous water flow covers all important components of the graphics card. Not only the GPU, but also the voltage converters, the V-Ram and other components that generate heat are actively cooled with water.
  • Addressable Digital-RGB-LEDs
  • Backplate included
  • Changeable terminal
  • Full cover cooler
  • Patented screw plugs which are flush with the cooler
The backplate is included with this cooler. The puristic clean design knows how to please, but it also offers a practical use. The back of the graphics card is protected by the backplate. In addition, it also contributes to the increase in cooling performance. Heat conducting pads are positioned at the decisive points, which dissipate further heat via the backplate.

The connection terminal is a special feature and currently unique in the watercooling market. Alphacool is the only manufacturer not to rely on Plexiglass, but on the much harder, more resistant, transparent nylon. This means that stress cracks caused by overtightened connections are a thing of the past.

The terminal can also be exchanged for an alternative terminal that allows the connections to be mounted vertically. Of course, the alternative terminal is included in the box so you can choose which you use for yourself at no extra cost. In addition, the patented locking screws do not protrude, but are flush with the terminal. This underlines the noble design of the ice block GPX Plexi Light cooler.

Fans of color fireworks will get their money's worth with the Alphacool Eisblock Plexi Light. Alphacool positions an addressable digital RGB LED strip spanning the entire width of the cooler. This illuminates the entire cooler completely and in a unique way. Each LED can be controlled individually. With the matching aRGB controller for addressable digital RGB LEDs you can create beautiful and unique effects.

Alternatively, the addressable digital RGB LEDs can also be controlled via various motherboards that offer an appropriate headers. These include the ASUS Aurora Sync, Biostar VIVID LED DJ, Gigabyte RGB Fusion and MSI Mystic controllers. The only thing to consider here is the connection variant. The Alphacool Eisblock Plexi Light has a female connector. You may need a female to male adapter plug for your motherboard.

  • ASRock Phantom Gaming X Radeon VII 16G (90- GA1100-00UANW)
  • PowerColor Radeon VII (AXVII 16GBHBM2-3DH)
  • ASUS Radeon VII-16G (90YV0CY0-U0NA00)
  • Sapphire Radeon VII (21291-01-40G)
  • MSI Radeon VII 16G, 16GB HBM2, HDMI, 3x DP (V803-883R)
  • XFX Radeon VII 16GB HBM2 (RX-VEGMA3FD6)
  • Gigabyte Radeon VII HBM2 16G (GV-RVEGA20-16GD-B)
Source: Alphacool
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8 Comments on Alphacool Announces Presale for Eisblock Plexi Light for Radeon VII

YES! A block to make a single slot VII. Would like to see a better close-up of the fin stack over the GPU & HBM to better evaluate the potential effectiveness of this block.
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Nice looking block.
The backplate is also included.
According to their German Website available in 2-3 weeks.
I was waiting for EKWB but I now may order this one. :rolleyes:

It seems though single slot bracket for Radeon VII in not included.
Their website does not mention it to be part of the package. :(
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I'm the only one
Oh joy Ren it's also RGB lit
Posted on Reply
Already pre-ordered one on Friday.
Expected delivery 15days.
Posted on Reply
I cancelled the pre-ordered.
Delivery date shifted from 29.03 towards third week of April. :(:(
I have now ordered EKWB Vector nickel block for Radeon VII.
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Well that is extremely disappointing :(
Yes, i have been waiting eagerly for Radeon VII blocks to be available from well know brands in Europe.

EKWB's website says shipping from 01.04. Hopefully this is accurate and will not shift afterwards like Alphacool's by a few weeks later. :shadedshu:
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Good news EKWB has alreasy shipped my order of Radeon VII EK-Vector Nickel water block.
I ordered it on 28.03. Official website says Pre-Order start shipping on 01.04 but it has been shipped already on 29.03. :clap:
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