Friday, March 15th 2019

Spire X2 Also Launches the Aura Fan 3-pack

Introducing the RGB AURA FAN 3.0. X2-gaming AURA 3.0 come in fans of 3 of each 12cm RGB fans of high quality, multi-LED and multi-colored DC cooling fans for the PC gamer and enthusiast. The fan contains a speed of 1000 RPM and an appropriate 23 dB silent sound level because of installed anti-vibration pads that is wonderful when focusing on gaming without distractions. Also comes with a Big 4pin connector. This all new fan design will make a great addition to any gamer PC. By X2-Gaming - All geared up.

  • Product size: 120 x 120 x 25mm
  • Rated Power: FAN 1.2W, LED LAMP 1.5W
  • Rated Current: FAN 0.10 A, LED LAMP 0.30 A
  • Fan Speed: 1000(+/-10%) RPM
  • Sound level: 23 dB
  • Connector: Big 4pin
  • Bearing Type: Hydraulic Bearing
  • 2pcs RGB ring with hand switch, single Fan in one box
MSRP: €34,95 / $39,95 (including VAT), for more information, visit the product page.
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4 Comments on Spire X2 Also Launches the Aura Fan 3-pack

1000 rpm is a bit to low for my taste. But great for those that just want a silent pc.
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~Technological Technocrat~
  • Bearing Type: Hydraulic Bearing
But the sticker on the fan says 'Sleeve Bearing'

Yeah... if even the manufacturer doesn't know what's in the products it makes then thats a manufacturer I will avoid.
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So much wasted space in order to fit led's into the frame. It's counterproductive since if means the fan blades end up being shorter. Might as well call this a 110-100mm fan.
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How to get lower performance 92mm fans into a 120mm frame. Oh lord...
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