Thursday, May 30th 2019

Hands On: Raijintek AURAS Workstation, HELOTS SFX 750 PSU, METIS EVO & OPHION M EVO Cases

The most exciting item on display during our visit with Raijintek was something we were unable to get much info on and that was the AURAS Workstation. This monster cooling solution consists of a massive reservoir/distribution block connected to a pump which feeds coolant to four graphics cards and two processors at up to 3000L/H. Heat dissipation was handled by 1x 520mm and 2x 420mm radiators equipped with 10x 140mm RGB fans. Regardless of any specifics in terms of this water cooling loops actual performance, the system on display was certainly a sight to behold, which was made all the more noticeable by a massive show of ARGB lighting.

Expanding their power supply lineup, Raijintek had their latest HELOTS 750W SFX 80 Plus Gold model on display. Taking efficiency and voltage tolerance into considering the unit is listed as having a strict voltage regulation of +/- 3% with low noise and ripple. That means nothing without reliability, which is why the power supply has a silent 92 mm fan and all TW capacitors. It also features flat black cabling making cable routing a bit easier in the systems it is likely to be used in.
When it comes to cases, Raijintek had more than a few of those on display as well. The first of which was the OPHION M EVO which is available in two versions, the TGS which has a tempered glass side panel and the ALS which has an aluminium side panel. Internally both cases are the same offering support for both Micro-ATX and Mini-ITX motherboards. Cooling options consist of 2x 200mm 2x 140mm or 3x 120mm up top and a single 120mm, 140mm, or 200mm on the bottom. Water cooling, in this case, is possible as well with support for one 120mm, 240mm, 280mm, or 360mm radiator with a maximum thickness of 28mm up top. Traditional CPU cooler height is much more limited at just 82mm max. However, graphics card clearance is exceptional at a maximum of 410mm. Considering the internal layout which positions the graphics card on the back side, a 380mm long PCIe x16 Gen 3 riser cable is included. There is also space for up to 3x 3.5" HDDs or 5x 2.5" SSDs. To keep dust out filters for the top and bottom are also included.
The METIS EVO black, which is an update on the METIS PLUS was also on hand at the show. It features a 200 mm fan pre-installed with a front mesh panel for excellent airflow. While designed with Mini-ITX builds in mind this aluminium chassis supports full-size ATX/ESP power supplies giving users a more extensive range of choices and also makes use of a tool-free design. When it comes to cooling the METIS EVO supports juggernaut air coolers with heights up to 190mm fitting no problem. As for I/O it has 1x USB 3.0 Type-C and 1x USB 3.0 Type-A.
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I'm pretty sure that the fittings used in that Workstation build are standard John Guest fittings (laypeople refer to them as "quick connect" fittings
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