Friday, January 10th 2020

Dell Shows Off Foldable and Dual Screen Laptops at CES

During this year's CES, Dell had a few concept products on hand that we checked out. Among those are the two laptop concepts called the Concept Duet and the Concept Ori. Designed as unconventional mobile devices, these laptops are very different than anything currently present on the market. First in line is the Concept Duet. This model is a standard looking laptop from outside, however, when you open it up, you will find that the keyboard is absent. The place where the keyboard sits is now replaced with another screen. Both the main and the secondary screens are the same quality 13.4-inch 1080p displays that work in tandem to achieve the best possible experience. However, if you wish to use a real keyboard, there is a magnetic addon that snaps on the bottom screen and makes for a standard laptop experience, like show in the image below.
Next up is another, more interesting concept product called the Ori - a foldable tablet-like laptop. The Ori is a 13-inch 720p laptop that can be folded like a book. It is designed for ebook reading and general multitasking applications that can use the folding ability of the device. Being powered by Windows 10, we don't know the state of the software support for this type of device, however, Windows 10X should be coming out soon to support use cases like these. Unfortunately we don't know the specs of these laptops, as they are subject to change and its very difficult to design a product like this, so Dell may either use Intel's 10th generation processors or AMD's 4000 series of mobile processors. Another thing to note about these two devices is that Dell showed them off as concept products, meaning that they might not make it to the market, however, being that every company is now designing similar devices we could expect something similar in the future.
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I guess they watched DIY Perks on YouTube :P
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Very nice, however the 720p res is a dealbreaker. On a screen that big it is going to look very bad. I expected at least 1080p if not 2K from that, as it's held closer to your face so you notice more.

Also hope they don't use the abonimation as Atom for something like this. Win 10 struggles like muggles on that.
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