Monday, January 13th 2020

CORSAIR Shows Off Lighting Concept Using Capellix LEDs in Cases

CORSAIR introduced us to their small form factor Capellix LEDs, co-developed with Primax, at CES last year and has since been utilizing them in memory and peripheral products alike. So it was just a natural next step for them to find a way to include them into their cases, and the company took to CES 2020 to show off a traditional retail case which has been covered with a film encompassing these LEDs.

The glass panels are lined with a thin, transparent film so that you are able to have a matrix of these RGB LEDs on the backside without any easily visible wires, which makes for quite a unique look. This implementation does require a lot of more complex wiring relative to a standard LED strip, tiny as it still may be spatially, which currently limits the number of LEDs that could be embedded in such a removable panel, but the result is attention-grabbing regardless. There is no concrete launch date or pricing for this, and CORSAIR is still deciding if they will include these on current cases as a special edition or for future enclosure products. That said, the implementation at CES already looked pretty clean externally and, a fun fact is, you can touch them on the backside of the glass panel and will not get zapped.
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4 Comments on CORSAIR Shows Off Lighting Concept Using Capellix LEDs in Cases

robot zombie
Whole panels not leds. I am dissapointed.

Nah but really... cool concept but the little dot matrix ain't it for me.

Now, when they figure out how to do shapes the sky is the limit. RGB waifus on the side a ya case, big ole brand endorsements, custom layouts... if you can dream it they can make it. Straight up Vegas marquees in your bedroom, workspace, or entertainment area. Dope.

I joke but I really do think it's a cool idea... and I can't believe I'm saying this but they need to get the density up. Nobody's impressed by your constellations or whatever. People be calling your rig Little Dipper. Lookin like the glow stars on your little bros ceiling to keep him from getting scared at night. And they'll be right.
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wow, just what we need....

m/O/a/R ....

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