Tuesday, March 3rd 2020

FSP Announces the New T-WINGS 2-in-1 High-end PC Chassis

FSP, the world leading manufacturer of PC power supplies, is delighted to announce its new stylishly innovative T-WINGS (CMT710) PC chassis. The new T-WINGS chassis offers users the ability to combine two high-end PC systems into a single chassis. By housing two high-end systems into a single chassis, the T-WINGS save users space at home or in the office and can greatly speed up productivity. The main system supports up to EATX motherboard sizes for extreme gaming workstations and HEDT systems, while the sub-system supports Mini-ITX motherboards that offers a wide range of capabilities.

The benefits of this design include running two systems simultaneously, which frees up the systems from any lags, delays, or any excess loads that might cause system crashes. Content creators and streamers will benefit from this setup, which will allow them to record without interruptions, continually monitor and control the status of their recordings, and allow them to interact with their fans with ease.
New Stylish Design with Stunning 360-degree Views
The FSP T-WINGS showcases a new stylishly innovative semi open-chassis design that will undoubtedly turn heads. The stylish T-WINGS chassis design has a unique wing shaped exterior featuring custom angular shapes with black anodized coating and accented with gold or red trim. The T-WINGS chassis unique design allows custom builders to create visually stunning PC systems.

Strong & Cool
The strong aluminium frame along with its 4 mm tempered glass panels will protect valuable components from being exposed to your typical home or office environments while offering maximum heat dissipation through large ventilating gaps. The support for dual liquid cooling systems and dual power supplies ensures that both systems can reach their maximum respective performances with no limitations. The T-WINGS chassis can house graphic cards mounted both horizontally and vertically to suit many PC build styles. For users who need large local storage capacity, the T-WINGS chassis allows the user to install up to five drives total: two standard 3.5 size drives and three 2.5 size drives.

ARGB Light Bar & New Innovative Cabling System
The T-WINGS custom central spine is specifically designed to offer a large 40 mm space dedicated for cable management. The custom central cable management system offers a neat and tidy area to manage all of your cables and frees up the main PC area from airflow restrictions. Other special features include an addressable RGB light bar to personalize the look-and-feel of your PC build through ARGB software sync. The light bar is compatible with all major ARGB motherboard control software including ASRock Polychrome Sync, ASUS Aura Sync, Gigabyte RGB Fusion, and MSI Mystic Light Sync.

The front panel features 3.5 mm HD audio stereo and microphone inputs, one USB 3.1 2nd Gen Type-C connector, and two USB 3.1 1st Gen Type-A connectors, which should provide a convenient way for users to connect their smartphones, tablets, headsets, and other PC peripherals.

Watch & Win!
Join our online event for a chance to win the new stylish T-WING chassis (pick your choice of colors) and Steam store vouchers! Simply answer a question after watching our YouTube video (here) it's that simple!

U.S. MSRP before taxes: USD $499.
For more information, visit the product page.
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robot zombie
...that looks hilarious to me. I can't even think of a joke - it's so over the top.

How do you explain that to people coming to your house for the first time? If it were me, I wouldn't care what you told me it was, I'd still be too puzzled to take it seriously. It's almost harder to take seriously when you consider that it's a computer... shaped like an autobot's head.

I don't understand these action-figure-like designs. They just look super-tacky to me. It's like they're trying to speak to the boy in me. And the boy in me would love to stick this with all of his Power Ranger and Hot Wheels stuff. But I feel like by the time you are old enough to afford or be looking at something like this, that boy is long gone. And if you want him back for a bit, you buy the real deal... get some actual action figures. Collect some sick, rare ones or something.

Power tools do this, too. They all look like pieces broken off of Transformers.

No hate on Transformers fans or anything... this might be for you. Have at it lol.

I kinda can't imagine waking up every morning and seeing that thing staring off into the corner of the room. The non-duplex one was kinda already pushing it, though that at least looked like an effin street bike or sommet. This thing is just silly and I cannot.

It does seem to have some great features, apart from letting dust in everywhere. I'm sure it's VERY interesting to build on. Truly, it's a cool layout that probably opens up some interesting liquid cooling scenarios. But I think I'd be completely done looking at it in a month. It doesn't matter what you put it next to... it's never going to 'go' with anything in the room... well unless the room is full of Transformers memorabilia. Then it's actually pretty awesome. BUT ONLY THEN. I just... I can't be looking at that monstrosity every day :laugh:

I don't like peacock stuff in general. It catches your eye before you get a good look at it, but consumes everything near it with its gaudy energies when you final 'acquire' its essence and realize that what yer friggin lookin at doesn't make any sense. It's a big case, but where's the rest of it? Why didn't they finish putting it together? Those pieces don't even look like they fit together! :mad:

It's like it doesn't know if it wants to be a Gundam chest piece, a helmet, a motorcycle, a supercar, a fighter jet, a county fair ride, or a prototype for fancy airport escalator side paneling.

I bet Jayztwocents would love it tho. :rolleyes:
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My eyes are bleeding - most ugly chassis seen in long time. Easy to dust and clean :kookoo:
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Next up in the T-WINGS Series:

Upper Body: A 2-in-1 XL-ATX/EATX/SSB-ready case with enough space for 4+ 560mm x 45mm Radiators per side and mounting points for the T-WINGS 2-in-1 Head, a pair of T-WINGS Upper Arms, and bolting onto a T-WINGS Lower-Body + Waist.
Lower Body + Waist: A 2-in-1 XL-ATX/EATX-ready case with with space for 4+ 480mm x 45mm Radiators per side and mounting points for the T-WINGS Upper Body and a pair of Upper Legs.
Upper Arms: Each consist of a long-ish mATX-ready case with some supporting structure to allow connection to the upper body and lower arms.
Lower Arms + Hands: Each consist of an ITX case with a Raspberry Pi connected to the motorized hands.
Upper Legs: Each consist of a single ATX-ready case with 4 600mm Radiator points surrounding the mobo (2 in front and 2 in the rear). Most of the case is reinforced to support the combined weight of the other rigs.
Lower Legs + Feet: An mATX-ready case with the remaining 80% of the case being additional supporting structure to build the robot on top of.
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Someone please notify tpu support...the textures are not loading
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Autobots, assemble,......!!!!
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Someone decapitated a Transformer, gutted it's head, and made a case out of it.:wtf:
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