Wednesday, May 13th 2020

Micron Increasing Production Capability of DDR4 DRAM in 1z nm Nodes

A report via DigiTimes, citing "sources familiar with the matter", claims that Micron is ramping up production of its 1z nm nodes for DDR4 manufacturing. As the latest fabrication technology available for the DDR market, 1z nm refers to silicon manufacturing in the 12-14 nm ranges, which is the currently densest available process in the high volume manufacturing space. Micron's other fabrication technology, 1y nm (referring to manufacturing in the 14 - 16 nm range), is also seeing increased manufacturing orders as market requirements for DDR volume are only bound to increase in the foreseeable future.

Micron's ramp-up of 1z nm makes sense, as DDR4 will continue to make-up the overwhelming majority of memory needs for the market until DDR5 fully comes online - and even then, volume requirements will take a while to achieve anything that's compared to today's flow of DDR4. Micron is likely banking on increased experience on the 1z nm nodes to launch its early DDR5 products, which will exclusively use that manufacturing technology. Manufacturing increases are being reported to be mostly related to 16 Gb DRAM modules (for the desktop and laptop spaces).
Sources: DigiTimes, via Tom's Hardware
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