Tuesday, May 19th 2020

ZOTAC Announces VR GO 3.0 Gaming Backpack PC

ZOTAC got around to launching the third generation of its VR GO line of gaming backpack PCs, the VR GO 3.0. ZOTAC had unveiled it at the 2020 International CES. These devices are essentially desktop-replacement notebooks minus the display, with connectivity for a VR headset, which you wear like a backpack. This is the device's first update in over two years, with the VR GO 2.0 launching in the thick of the VR craze around 2018.

The new VR GO 3.0 comes with an improved wearable design, with better thermal insulation and ventilation for the wearer. It also gets updated hardware in the form of a Core i7-9700 processor, GeForce RTX 2070 graphics, 16 GB of DDR4-2667 SO-DIMM memory, and 240 GB NVMe SSD storage. The device comes with two hot-swappable battery packs. You can swap out a battery with at least one of them in the bay, in the middle of your game. The VR GO 3.0 supports a wide range of VR HMD standards, and is based on Windows 10. The company didn't reveal pricing.
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6 Comments on ZOTAC Announces VR GO 3.0 Gaming Backpack PC

Imagine travelling via a crowded subway in Japan with this... At least put on a protective silicon case or something...
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In all, you will have to pull the power brick behind you ! They are not long cables are 1.5 m from to the socket, the wall takes up half of this space or more, and whether you can attach it to the backpack is not visible. It is worth about $ 1,000 the factory cost a maximum of $ 500. An extension to VR would make the bill a much more rewarding investment. It is nice toy .
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Carrying an i7 9700 and RTX 2070 on your back is good way to keep warm on a cold day. ;)
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Now I just need a VR pokemon GO version. Hop on my moped, attach game pad to handle bars, and cruise america while playing. :roll:

Edit: After thinking about my comment for a second. Have a better suggestion. A VR Paperboy game, I can relive my childhood memories of throwing newspapers into people yards.
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Well, the Vive wireless adapter exists, so...

But it might be good for usage scenarios like crowded trade shows or outside usage. Still a very niche product though.
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