Tuesday, June 2nd 2020

Intel Quietly Refreshes Atom C3000 Lineup

Intel has recently released 4 new Atom C3000 chips now sporting "R" and "L" suffixes, these chips join the lineup as it enters its third year of service. The dual-core C3338R chip comes in at 38 USD and gains a 300 MHz base clock boost along with QAT support for just a $1 premium over the C3338. The quad-core C3436 comes in at 64 USD and features the lowest per-core pricing of the entire lineup at just 16 USD per core and with a 10.75 W TDP. The 96 USD quad-core C3558R gains a 200 MHz base clock boost and DDR4-2400 support for a 10 USD and 1 W TDP premium over the C3558. Finally, the 209 USD octa-core C3758R gains a 200 MHz base clock boost for a 16 USD and 1 W TDP increase over the Intel Atom C3758.
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5 Comments on Intel Quietly Refreshes Atom C3000 Lineup

Spencer LeBlanc
Odd no Hyper-Threading? Guessing this is related to all the security exploits, otherwise why would this be the case?
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Quietly is right... I forgot atom was still a thing with their “land of a thousand lakes” strategy.
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What's surprising to me is how slow these processors are compared to the latest Ice Lake chips. They look to be about a half to a quarter of the performance for the TDP. Atom was supposed to be the "low power" architecture, but it's more like the "low cost" architecture. If it weren't for the bargain prices, these would probably never even be bought. Hell, I don't even know what gets an Atom processor nowadays. Probably just embedded/appliance type products now.
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With quick assist these make pretty good router chipsets. Excited to see what comes out, but knowing Intel shit will be overpriced as usual.
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I'd like to see how a undervolted Ryzen CPU compares to the 8c version in benchmarks and power usage.
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